Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking is released – Hyderabad tops in India

Charminar in Hyderabd

Mercer is a global consulting organization, which ranks global cities based on the quality of living. Multiple factors are considered while ranking the quality of life in such cities. Some of the factors are:

    • Crime rate
    • Enforcement of law
    • Banking services
    • Media power
    • Limitations of personal freedom
    • Medical facilities
    • Pollution (water, air, sound)
    • Sewage facilities
    • School & education
    • Traffic congestion
    • Availability of food
    • Housing & rental
    • Natural disasters

Based on these factors, it has recently released its 19th Quality Living cities, in which Vienna tops the charts globally for the 8th consecutive time. It could be noticed that most of the top rankings are bagged by European cities. Click here for full list.

Additionally, Mercer has also added another category of ranking based on City Infrastructure, for which the first rank is bagged by Singapore. For this category, some of the factors considered are:

    • Transportation facility (domestic & international)
    • Electricity and water supply
    • Ease of setting business
    • Supply of skilled labor, etc.

Quality Living in India:

From India, Hyderabad tops the chart with a global ranking of 144 for the third consecutive year. The major factor for topping the chart in India is due to the minimal crime rate and violence. Pune & Bengaluru is second & third on the list with the global ranking of 145 & 146, slipping a step down. Chennai has improved a lot in terms of metro transportation, expat housing facilities, etc. and is ranked at 151. Mumbai & Kolkata are ranked at 154 & 160 respectively. For the second consecutive year, New Delhi has retained the lowest position among the surveyed cities from India by ranking globally at 161.


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