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8 Things You can do to Get Over the Breakup

It's really tough to handle and suddenly you are missing the most important person in your life and all you've left is their memories which are associated with all activities you do in your daily lives.

Five times when Ranveer Singh’s fashion sense made us go awe

5 times Ranveer Singh proved his fashion sense is unique

You know where Eco-Friendly starts? Now Diet with sustainability

As consumption of resources increases, sustainable living is becoming more meaningful and so is the idea of a sustainable diet. Sustainable diets can be defined as those diets that have low environmental impacts and contributes to food and nutrition security for a healthy life for present and future generations.

Cutest Story of MS Dhoni and Ziva, All over the Internet

Ziva has undoubtedly become the internet sensation because of her cute gestures towards her dad MS Dhoni.

Smoking is a Women’s choice not Society’s

As soon as a woman is seeing hanging out with boys or seen lighting a cigarette, several eyes start judging her. Is this hypocrisy really required? Can't she just be with her friends and have a good time with them?

5 Killer Hacks to Boost your Creativity

In this ever progressing society, the need to be creative is increasing every minute.

How to Get your Ex Back (The Right Way)

Breaking up from a relationship is quite hard for any couples, but that is not permanent in most of the cases. Most often the...

Indian Girls have got the new trend of Showing off their Awesome Cleavage

When the world's showing their cleavage, Indian girls were not ready to sit back and just watch, rather they have made their own mark...

6 Types Of Hugs, Every Girl Craves For

Girls feel a lot safer when their man holds them in his arms. You feel like there is nothing better than him holding you...