Trending Bollywood challenges for promotions

Movie and program makers are constantly in search of new ways to promote their movies and programs. The more innovative and creative it can be, the better. One of the latest ways of promoting a movie or a show is through social media. One of the main reasons to do so is because of the presence of a large audience and that it is quite easy to hit the marks of the internet. Inspired by many challenges that the Hollywood industry have introduced, today even the Bollywood industry seems to walk on the same path to get the good word of mouth publicity. Here are some of the challenges that trended on the internet as part of a movie or program promotion.

1. #Dhunbadlochallenge

The challenge was introduced by Vidya Balan as part of promotion for her debut as an RJ for the show Dhun Badal ke Dekho with Vidya balan. She came up with some groovy moves for the theme song and asked everyone to repeat those moves and share the video online. Starting with some of the famous actors of Bollywoood like Sonakshi Sinha, Ayushman Khurrana and Aditi Rao accepted the challenge and showcased some cool moves. The challenge later gained much popularity and went viral within days of its introduction.

Credits: Bold Outline

2. “How’s the Josh?”

While this was not started off as a challenge, it soon became one. One of the dialogues from the movie Uri was said to which a group of people replied. It went like the question being “How’s the josh” to which the bunch answered “High sir!”. The challenge was done by many of the actors and actresses of the industry. It was also taken forward by the citizens. The challenge was quite popular in public gathering spaces like in theaters, weddings and other events.

Credits: Hindustan Times

3. Sui Dhaga Challenge

The Sui Dhaga challenge gained so much attention and was all viral even before the release of the movie. In fact, the challenge was more popular than the movie itself. It was one of the best promotional strategies and was a huge success as well. The challenge was to put the thread into the needle within 10 seconds. The challenge became very exciting when almost all the actors of Bollywood took over it. The winner of the challenge was Shah Rukh Khan who managed to put the thread in 0.000001 milliseconds. Incredible isn’t it?

Credits: YouTube

There are many more challenges that had gained much popularity and given the movie or program the promotions that they aspired for. Some of the unforgettable challenges include the padman challenge, Beatpebooty challenge, Philauri, Lipstick under my Burkha challenge ec that gained attention and was the talk of the town as well.