The Top 10 Netflix Series that you can Binge-Watch Anytime

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Netflix has the treasure trove of the best series that you can watch anytime. If you think you have more than two hours of a commitment, then series is the best “Go-To” spot. A boatload of great shows that I’m sure you will never want to miss. You can delve yourself into occupied days; whether it’s a weekday or weekend. Even if you are looking for a void to fill with the new set of series, here are the top 10 best Netflix series of all time.

1. The Good Place

The life after death – Seems more like a cliché topic. Isn’t it? But it is not as you watch “The Good Place.” The story begins after the death of Eleanor Shellstrop, who is an abrasive person, and she only looked out for herself. She ended up being in a Goof Place, an afterlife neighborhood built by Michael, a cosmic architect. The characters are placed in a unique setting with a surprising plot. The story describes the nightmare of the bureaucratic mix-ups.  You can spot the series in the Comedy genre section of Netflix, and they are notch among all the sitcoms.


2. Breaking Bad

A high-school chemistry teacher diagnosed with the final stage of lung cancer delves into the experiment of finding the premium drug. To help his family finances after his death and to secure them for the rest of life he cooks Blue Meth drug. He carries out the lab experiments along with his partner Jesse Pinkman, who would be one of the former students. The series gets addicting as the drugs are prepared in the crashed van in a lonely desert. It is a simple story that revolves around family issues, cancer survivals, complex scenarios, and science. Breaking bad is presented with the absolute moral that fits and attracts the audience of every age.

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3. Bojack Horseman

Are you talking about an animated show that would be funny? Bojack Horseman came out from nowhere and turned out to be the best humorous series ever. A Netflix original animated series features trying to make the most serious thing happening around the world funnier.  The show revolves around the washed-up celebrity as a horse who tries to rejuvenate his stagnant career. Also, Bojack Horseman has brought high profile celebrities like Will Arnet and Aaron Paul to do the voice over. If you want to laugh your hearts out, then Bojack Horseman does a great job by examining a different perspective of pop culture.

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4. Peaky Blinder

The aftermath of World War is never going to be a “plot of cliché.” Netflix’s original Peaky Blinders prove it again while this is largely fictional. A dram about the British crime family, Shelby, lived during the time of World War 1. Tommy Shelby returns from the war, and he expands his family regime by controlling the states of Birmingham. The real crime goes on forever in all the seasons while Shelby steals a shipment of guns and expands his warriors by building an armed force. Mostly spoke for the directors’ works and screenplay in the fifth season.


5. Mad Men

The series itself is an artwork, and it’s stunningly creative.  The Mad Men sets a block in 1960 describing the evolution of the Ad Industry.   You would be amazed by the screenplay as it is so cool to watch the Manhattan in the early ’60s. It is the story about the ad agency which is trying to survive through the time as the technology evolves. The women freedom movement, the Vietnam War, is some of the significant war elements added to the story. From the first episode through its final season, you get a different perspective about the Ad agencies and their working lifestyle.

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6. Stranger Things

We know where this is coming up. Netflix’s original show Stranger Things io snot just one of the top Netflix serious but also people’s favorite. It came all the way buzzing with popularity while the show provides a lot of nostalgic entertainment for the people of later ’80s. The characterization of the kids has always been appreciated as the story evolves through sensitive relationships. Indiana is a place of mystery in Hollywood plots and continued the same in Stranger things. With the new season coming up, the audience is excited more than ever.

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7. Black Mirror 

A new concept with the flawless experience – That’s what Black Mirror is all about. With the theme of Modern near future and evolution of technology every day, the stories are creatively made. Each episode covers interestingly about one new story with a different plot. Just like all the classic series, they were highly criticized, but it turned out to be paradoxical as the season goes on. The episodic nature is what unique about Black Mirror, and its nailing as best shows on Netflix.


8. Sabrina

Want to experience Halloween all around the year? Following Riverdale, here we give a big shoutout to Sabrina. A high school girl Sabrina juggles with schooling and extracurricular activities such as practicing dark arts. The story goes chilling through the spine as she signs away her soul to the dark lord. Until her 16th birthday,, this was all fun, but casting her mortal life was no ordinary. The story gets creepy with supernatural threats and adventurous fun.

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9. Altered Carbon

Far beyond the imagination, Alter Carbon travel 100 years forward when humanity is built over technology. The story was plotted from a popular novel written by Richard K. Morgan, who was famous for the cyberpunk stories.  People can transfer their bodies and become immortal with technology. A former soldier Takeshi Kovacs spend 250 years in cold storage is the protagonist who is haunted by a rich man for this previous body. The city gets grimier and hides stories and facts for the people. It is interesting and addictive to watch.

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10. Friends

The series ‘Friends’ on Netflix is something we all have been dreamt of for years together now. Finally, it’s here! Tons of sitcoms have evolved over these, but our worth of laugh has always been around Friend. A classic New York City semi-fantasy version of six friends takes us to the next level. You get to laugh, cry, think, inspire, and aspire what not from this series. Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe create memories and not just stories. Unthinkable twists with so many great episodes. You can always quote line form Friends.

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Final Words

Check these shows and Netflix, and these are top 10 because you can watch them at any time from anywhere. There are absolutely more shows, but here is how you need to get it started.


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