Corona Updates – How is world combating virus?

Hand holds red banner warning rapidly spreading Coronavirus on crowded city streets. Deadly Corona virus epidemic outbreak, unknown influenza, fever or flu symptoms infecting people. Pandemic risk.

COVID-19 has become one of the deadliest viruses of all time with thousands of people being a victim to this virus daily, worldwide. Corona virus (COVID-19) affected people will experience mild to severe respiratory ailments and should be treated in its initial stages, before developing to severe pneumonia and other respiratory problems. It initially originated in China and spread to almost every country all over the globe.     

Countries affected by Corona

The corona virus COVID-19 is affecting 198 countries around the world. The lack of medicines, drugs, and effective treatments during the initial stages of the virus spread has caused it to become a global pandemic with many countries shutting down all their activities, despite severe economic losses. Globally, coronavirus has been identified with nearly 552,626 peoples of whom 128,706 patients have recovered successfully. However, this deadly infectious virus has claimed the life of 25,044 peoples all around the world, instilling terrible fears in everyone. The patients affected with coronavirus have been classified into two broad categories, namely- Active cases and closed cases. Active cases represent patients who are diagnosed with covid-19 and are still in the treatment phase. Closed cases usually represent peoples who either recovered completely or dead.       

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Currently, 552,626 covid-19 positive cases have been reported globally. Nearly, 377,814peoples are in mild condition. However, 21,057 patients are in serious or critical condition. This is a stat to worry about. Nearly, 5% of the confirmed cases are in risk or critical condition. It becomes even more terrible and heart-rending to know that medically advanced countries like the United States, UK, China, Italy, and Germany are victims of this virus. COVID-19 has exploited these countries and is still invading at a rapid rate. It is claiming the lives of nearly 500 – 600 peoples per day in these countries.

China, the developer, incubator, and traders of this virus have nearly brought the situation into control. The death rates have drastically come down to binary values. However, the stats do reflects the adverse effects of this virus. China through its widespread preventive and sanitation measures have drastically reduced the death rates.


However, Italy is ruined by the COVID-19 reign. With nearly 80,589 total cases registered till date, the virus has claimed the lives of 8215 as of 27th March. March 25, 2020 alone saw 5210 new cases of COVID-19 positive patients. A severe pandemic situation in Italy has made conditions even more severe with the country going on a shutdown. Also, this day saw the lives of 683 innocent peoples being claimed by this deadly virus. It is currently the most-affected country in the world.


The United States is also a prime victim of this virus, as it has claimed the lives of 1306 peoples. Also, it is really sad to know the fact that 25th March saw 13,347 new cases in the US. With 85,762 active cases, the US is in the high risk of losing at least 10% of its population to COVID-19 scare. Also, out of these active cases, 2122 cases are in serious or critical condition.


Spain is also one of the most affected countries. Though it did not have much loss in the earlier stages, this virus has been lethal for the last four to five days. With 7,457 newly registered cases (as of March 25), the tally for total cases rises to 64,059 cases. It is terrible to know that in Spain the death rate and a total number of deaths due to coronavirus have crossed the US and China. This virus has claimed the life of 4,858.

South Asian Countries

All types of international transportation, domestic transportations are cancelled or stopped to prevent this virus from spreading. Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, Qatar, and Hong Kong are few where there are rapid spread and outbreak of corona. With nearly 20 people dead from 863 covid positive patients, India is using various strategies to stop the chain of the virus spread. The Indian PM Modi has shut down all activities of India and called for rest till 14th April. Amidst all these disasters, a whip of the smile is guaranteed if you come to know that drugs have been developed for treating this virus. India along with many countries uses an anti-malarial drug Chloroquinone as a drug for treating COVID-19. Also, many drugs have been used worldwide for treating this deadly disease. Some of them are remdesivir, arbidol, and favipiravir.


Also, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, and the UK are some of the other countries with more than 10,000 victims with infections. However, the total fatalities in Germany are nearly 285 and patients with serious ailments account to 23. This is typically less when compared to other countries mentioned above. Iran too is facing a tough time with 2378 patients died due to this virus. Switzerland has only 207 causalities but the positive cases account to 12,311.

Corona Hard Time

European countries are facing hard testing times. They along with Asian countries are affected by this virus. Not only it is claiming the lives of peoples globally, but also would surely kill many people post-eradication of this virus, due to economic crisis. All countries are shutdown, closing their national borders and enforcing strict laws on their citizens as a preventive measure for this disease. However, there are no specific medicines to prevent or treat COVID-19. So, stay home, stay save!