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Infosys Co-Founder Narayana Murthy’s Son-in-law : Becomes the Finance Minister of Britain

Rishi Sunak, the son-in-law of Infosys co-founder Narayanan Murthy was appointed as the Finance Minister of Britain. Britain’s Prime Minster Boris Johnson announced Rishi Sunak as his next Finance Minister. This is a pleasant occasion for the Narayan family as his Rishi takes in-charge of the world’s second-largest governmental position. The 39-year old Rishi is a politics, philosophy, and economics graduate from Oxford University and has also perceived an MBA from Stanford University. He is a Conservative party’s Member of Parliament (MP). He was selected as Finance Minister of Britain following the unexpected quitting of Sajid Javid.

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Rishi Sunak, the son of a doctor and pharmacist, was married to Akshata Murthy, the daughter of the billionaire Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of tech-giant Infosys. This couple married in 2009 has two daughters. He was born in Southampton, Hampshire and completed his MBA at Stanford University. It was the place where he first met his wife Akshata. He previously served Britain in the capacity of Chief Secretary to Treasury after he was first elected to parliament in 2015. The cabinet’s re-shuffle in the UK made it possible for Rishi to become Britain’s Finance Minister. He earlier worked for investment bank Goldman Sachs and even co-founded a company that hosts hedge funds. He was a successful banker even before becoming successful in his political career. He also was a prolific analyst for an investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. He later launched his career as a hedge-fund manager and later became its partner and share-holder. He is also a director of Catamaran Ventures. It is to be noted that Catamaram Ventures is a company owned by Narayanan Murthy.

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Rishi was selected as the Conservative candidate for Richmond in 2014. It was only after the stepping down of former party leader and MP William Hague. Recently, Sunak was selected as the Finance Minister of Britain, after conservative came into power. Five years ago, he wasn’t even a member of parliament and now he is managing one of the world’s largest economies.

It has been happy times for Murthy’s family. In July, Rishi was appointed as the Chief Secretary of Treasury. Murthy said: “Our advice to our children, including Rishi, has been to work hard, be honest, and do good for society. We wish him well”. Post selection of him for this prestigious role, Rishi said: “Delighted to be appointed…Lots to get on with.”

He worked under Javid as his deputy in the Finance Ministry. It was until Johnson promoted him to take up high-level office in July 2019, before which he served as a junior housing minister. Rishi was seen as a young, dynamic, rising star in the ruling Conservative Party since he entered Parliament in 2015. He was tipped for promotion to a senior post in the ministerial as Johnson collaborated his post-Brexit cabinet. He was rapidly growing in the party despite his rapid ascent through the ranks of government; few expected this Stanford graduate to ascend to one of the highest positions in the land.

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After, being appointed as the Minister of Finance, Rishi said in his official website regarding his lead-role in the political arena:

“From working in my mum’s tiny chemist shop to my experience building large businesses, I have seen first-hand how politicians should support free enterprise and innovation to ensure our future prosperity.”

Rishi is known for his calm and smooth decisions and actions. He is also regarded as one of the ultra-loyal members of the conservative party. He is also seen as a presenter of governmental views and policies to Britain’s media. Rishi has been used by the Britain government to present, argue, and defend their policies in television programs and interviews. He is also a man of trust for Johnson, who has a fragile relationship with the Britain media. He takes control of Britain’s $2.7 trillion economy, which is currently under critical condition. He has a mountain to climb to accelerate the economy as Britain leaving the European Union and the forging of new trade links adds to his challenges. Also, Rishi becomes the third minister of Indian origin in the UK parliament, only after Priti Patel and Alok Sharma.