What is the best Photoshop Alternative Found?

Photoshop is powerful software. Just as Google, Photoshop is the “go-to “place for the designers. Whenever we refer to the designers, we assume that they are working in Photoshop all the time. But we always have been thinking that only this software could do this great job and there is no other alternative. Truly, Adobe Photoshop is the starting point for the designing inspiration, but now there is more software that does a similar job as Photoshop. The only problem is we do not see them, maybe because of the pro-versions or we don’t get access to use them easily. Now if you are sincerely looking for the best Photoshop alternatives here, we go!

1. Affinity Photo

Price: $50
Platforms: Mac and Windows
Great for: Image Editing

One of the top-rated photo editing software with no million features but just the right one. Fully compatible with the entire file formats and targeted mostly for photographers. The beginners in designers may really find it useful as you do not need any technical knowledge for creating. Affinity photo comes with the best promise of high speed and does not crash too often. Well! What is more exciting, you know? You can now perform unlimited undo with improved performance. If you are a small designing house or just a team of a photographer looking for the best Photoshop alternative, Affinity Photos does a great job.

Credits: AffinityPhoto

2. Foxit Studio Photo Editor

Price: $60
Platforms: Windows
Great for: Web Banners

Foxit studio Photo is one of the modern but trending photos editing software. Why this is most appreciated software is probably because of the perpetual license. Perpetual license is nothing but owning the software with just a one-time purchase. You don’t have to invest in them yearly. With all the main tools placed casually in Foxit Studio software, you can always use it in the place of Photoshop. The clone stamp tool, sharpening, layers, and magic wand tool are also found in this software. Truly, useful for [people who want to learn the photo editing software casually. Foxit Studio software does have a great interface with a more advanced professional setting at an affordable price.

Credits: Foxit


Price: No cost
Platform: Windows
Great for: Budget-friendly designing setup

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free photo editing software. It is one of the most popular software available as an open-source file. You can download them at any time. When compared to Photoshop, there is not much functionality that has changed. But useful as a great resource for the designers. If you are looking for an alternative with any casual edits then definitely GIMP can do a better job. Also, since it is available for free, it can set your design editing techniques unique apart from Photoshop. Even though this is one of the best Photoshop alternative, you need to master a lot to learn the techniques and practice to get the tools on knack.

Credits: GIMP

4. Pixlr Editor

Price: Cost-free
Platform: Windows and Mac
Great for: Travelling designers and photographers

Pixlr Editor is not a usual photo editing software, they are launched by AutoDesk. It has one of the best computer-aided designing software found. They are known for the 3D modeling features and sets a competitive mode for the Adobe. Pixlr has many versions available. You can use them over online, download for PC, and even available for the mobile apps. If you are traveling and wanted to design or edit then, they can contribute to giving you the best output. Pixlr also has limitations when it comes to the size of working space and quite distracting with the toolset on the right end. They have tools just similar to Photoshop; hence, it’s easy to learn and use them.

Credits: Pixlr

5. Corel Paintshop Pro

Price: $80
Platforms: Windows and Mac
Great for: Hardcopy designs and albums

Corel Paintshop Pro is a dedicated photo editing software that comes with the CorelDRAW Graphic Suite. If you are a designer who is in the intermediate and professional level may find it easy for using. The photo editing capabilities in the software are huge here. They are mainly used for making albums, adding effects to the movie posters, professional brochure, and high-quality posters. Especially suitable for the handout based designs. The output in Corel Paintshop Pro is simply brilliant. The tools in this software are quite different from your Photoshop. If you had used Corel Draw before then, you would get them on handled easily. Surely a best Photoshop alternative because it has a highly interactive user interface and you can edit in different tabs simultaneously.

Credits: Corel Paintshop Pro

6. PhotoPea

Price: Free or $10 for 30 days for premium versions
Platforms: Available over the internet
Great for: Space conscious and DIY designs

One might be wondering if it’s a great option to choose an online-based software. Now after visiting PhotoPea, your opinion might change definitely. Thanks to continuous advancement in web technology since there is no need for download programs or any crash problems while working. Your workflow becomes easy as you start getting used to this online software. Absolutely anyone can use. If you are a beginner, you have a lot to explore, intermediate may find Photopea to be less time consuming and to learn at a fast pace. The advanced level designers find it easy to navigate and get their work done with the tools. With many other features that support online designs, they set them different from Photoshop and completely free to use.

Credits: PhotoPea


Just take a look at all these programs, software, and sites. You can very well identify the difference between everything and why you need the best Photoshop alternative. Photoshop does not get faded at any time soon and will still be one of the favorites among the designers. But if you need to give different thoughts, perspectives over designs you might want to check on other software as well. On the other hand, people who hardly use photo editing software may find the Photoshop non-extensive of the purpose. Hence checking for this software may help them out.


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