With the advancement of technologies and network practices, various technologies are trending around the world. Technology has completely changed how we live and communicate. Our world is completely different from what it was a decade ago. Here are the top 10 technology trends in 2020 are listed below

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HYPER – AUTOMATION: Hyper automation means a process in which advanced technologies are applied to increase the automation of processes and improve human performances. Technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in this process. This process is spread not only across a wide range of tools that can be used automatically without any human assistance but also involves the process of sophistication of the automation. In other words, it could be defined as a process that is used to improve and expand the abilities and skills of human beings with the help of the deployment of technical tools and techniques.

Multi experience: Multi experience is a type of technology which is largely used by people all over the world in their day-to-day life. It basically deals with a big shift in the interface meaning that there has been a massive shift from the two-dimensional screen and keyboard interface to a much broad and dynamic multi-modal interface. In other words, it deals with the multiple experiences that use advance technology like automated machines, virtual reality, AI technologies, and sensory technologies. The process of multi-experience enables the enterprises to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations facilitating the growth in scale of operations and therefore, is one of the most useful technologies for the organizations playing in the marketplace.

The democratization of the Technology: Democratization of technology is one of the most trending topics in the modern-day world. It refers to the availability and spread of technology to the most basic units of society. It aims at providing access to available technology to more people than ever before. This would lead not only to the utilization of the technology but would also provide scope for further development and advancement in the technical know-how. But, along with its advantages comes it disadvantages. The democratization of technology could turn out to be the biggest nightmare if it is not done in a properly planned and regulated manner.

Human Augmentation: Human augmentation refers to the process of augmenting human abilities by using various internal factors on the human body. The human abilities are improved either with the use of technology or medicines. It is not a new concept, however, that boosters are used in improving human skills. For instance, in olden days, when there was little or no use of technology, chemical substances were used to boost the performance of people. But, with the advancement of technology, external technologies could also be used. Some examples of such technologies are eyeglasses, binoculars, microscopes and even highly sensitive microphones.

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The Empowered Edge: the Empowered edge is a key component in the management of the devices in the cloud and big data age. It is a term that talks about empowerment of computing centralization of distribution that is made towards the edge of the network, the end-user and the end-user device.

Transparency and Traceability: Transparency and traceability mean that the data and technology allow a large number of people to identify the range and approach to the use of Artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. It helps the users in knowing how their data and information provided by them is being used so that the organizations use and store the data cautiously and attentively. It is basically a step forward in empowering the people to control the privacy and accessibility to their data.  This would also ensure that faith in the minds of the people about the organizations and their data is restored.

The Distributed Cloud: the Distributed cloud is a technology that is used to interconnect computing technologies to a single place from different geographical locations to prevent duplication and multiplicity of data. It also helps in making the communication process more effective and responsive as various computing networks are connected to each other.

More Autonomous Things: Autonomous thing is a term used in the world of technology to denote the technological developments that are expected to bring computers into a real-world like physical environment meaning that computers will work as autonomous units without any human control or assistance, freely moving on their own and interacting with humans and other objects. It is also known as the internet of autonomous things.

AI security: Artificial intelligence is being tested to be used as one of the most advanced defence weaponry by most nations. It has the ability to get things done without the wastage of precious human lives. AI will also be used in other service sectors like Banking, Hospital, Airports etc.

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Cryptocurrency refers to a digital form of currency that is used for exchange by way of strong cryptography to secure financial transactions. Blockchain is another such technology that helps in making any asset unalterable and transparent. These are used to secure devices and information in the real-world market and saving resources like paper in making currency and ultimately contributing to sustainable developments.

The above-mentioned technological trends are the most crucial and important in asserting the position and condition of most of the countries around the world. With advanced technologies, the countries are expected to grow at a faster rate and in an environment – friendly manner.


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