8 Best Photo Editor that You Must Check Right Away

There is no such thing called ‘Free’ especially when it comes to the software. There are two different categories in which you can use the software. One is ‘Premium,’ the other one is ‘Freemium,’ a cut-down feature of premium. If you wanted to use the ‘Pro’ version of any of this software, probably you must register for the Paid software. Especially with the annoying ads is one of the reasons why we need to upgrade in the software. The most commonly used software is photo editors. Few best photo editors are genuinely free with no strings attached. Here is the list of best photo editor available for free.


GIMP is the abbreviation of the GNU Image Manipulation Program that you may found on the top of the best photo editor software. They have brilliant tools that can enhance images and provide output, just like the other premium software. GIMP is available on open source, and you can use any of the plug-ins for the extended utility period. Also, most of these plug-ins come pre-installed. Therefore, they do not consume any extra space. You don’t have to possess any additional technical knowledge other than the normal photo editing skills.

CreditsL Portable Apps

2. Darktable

Darktable is known for its ambitious features that are used for the layouts and packaging. It has similar features of Adobe Lightroom. How cool is that? They work in a completely different style. The images are imported to the database, and you can edit non-destructively. The tools offered in darktable are unique as they are on based on perspective correction techniques. The software does not push you for the upgrade or premium versions. Even though they are not as powerful as the lightroom, they still have the knack of good rendering. Comparatively quite technical as they have advanced features apart from the standard editing tools.

Credits: openSUSE Software

3. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

Some people have quite a lot of photos to edit in a short time. In that case, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the “Go-to” option. Their interface is clean, and you very well know what you are using. Initially, you have to sign up with the email later there is no further pushing o upgrade. The importing pictures to this program happen over a breeze. Even though you can import the pictures together, Ashampoo still has an option to identify them and edit it separately clearly. There is more than half a dozen slider for the exposure corrections.

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4. Picktorial

Picktorial is one of the most run software among the best photo editors available. They are found to be formally supportive for the Mac- Only programs. Even though they have all the advanced tools available in the freemium version, there is an annual subscription of $60. SO the $60 is for upgrading the software otherwise you need to delete and install it every time which is quite annoying. However, you still get a full range of features. The recent update has the Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) that can relatively collect all the photos and save them for future inside the software itself.

Credits: Macworld

5. Fotor

If you want to boost your picture quality ideally, then Fotor is doing an amazing job. For example, not all the software allows you to increase the quality of the picture only in a specific area. But with Fotor you can always do the retouching using the brush and healing tool. They have simple filters that do not cause your photodamage. They have been highly appreciated for being the best free photo editors. Fotor is found to have the high-end features of Photoshop and CorelDraw. You do not need any additional learning curve to understand the tool. The best thing is you can now render the best photos from the shaky and dodgy camera pictures.

Credits: Malavida

6. Inpixio Free Photo Editor

Inpixio comes from the wider suite of photo editing tools. Initially, they were recognized as the plug-in tool in the photo editor tools. However, now they provide the complete package for the editors. Even though there is an option for an upgrade or premium version, you can still use a wide range of applications. Also, they serve the best for the detailed minor editing and the photo fixtures. They have 100+ image effects to explore along with the 100+ frames. If you are a learner or just a beginner, they might help you to understand the tools better.

Credits: YouTube

7. PhotoScape

PhotoScape might look like the typical photo editor application, but they have a wealth of feature. Their main menu itself has the tools for raw conversion, merging, animated GIF, photo splitting. They are normally not found among the normal editors. The only complain with their interface. PhotoScape takes a bit of time to render the first output. But there are no odd configurations you need to be worried about. Also, they have included some of the great filter options additionally apart from the basic photoshop tools. The upgrade PhotoScape X have matched up to the interface, and now they work smoothly.

Credits: Lifewire

8. PiZap

PiZap is known among the editors as they work on both Flash Edition and HTML5. Since you can even use them with the basic software, they are popular among the editors. PiZap has a feature to work with the hard drive pictures using Facebook, Google Drive, and from the search history directly. It is an impressive choice which is working with the stock images for the digital posters for social media. PiZap has a modern but dark slider for image correction and color exposure. Even though you need to be learning the tricky icons, the creation of the images at the end is worth it. Especially when you are going to work for the social media posters or design, they can do wonders.

Credits: piZap Blog

Final Words

Photo editing tools are becoming essential day by day. With the digital business growing up, you need to learn at least the basic of photo editing software. And most of us cannot afford to teach everything or buy them all together. Therefore these free best photo editors will help you to understand the techniques and tools. This is one of the reasons to get hands-on with this software before buying anything premium or purchase altogether.