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Charges on Anubhav Mittal Elaborated to Understand the Case in Better Way

Charges on Mittal from the UP State are under IPC Section 420, 406, 467,471, 34. These Sections are elaborated for people to understand so that they can relate to it.
Webwork Director

Webwork Owner Anurag Garg’s Case was recently Heard

The case was heard on 27th November 2018 in the Gautam Buddh Nagar District court and it says the case has been Disposed and the nature of Disposal is Contested-Decided.
Release Applications

Release Application have been Filled for Anubhav Mittal / Social Trade

It's been a long time that we got any information about Anubhav Mittal and Social Trade. Latest news that we got from our sources...
Anubhav Mittal

Anubhav Mittal Applied for Bail Application Again

Anubhav Mittal Applied for Bail Application Again: It's been noticed from the day of rejection of criminal revision case that, the case of Anubhav Mittal...
Criminal Revision Disposed

Read the Final Order of the Court on Criminal Revision Case of Anubhav Mittal

You can read the full story of the case here and than have a look at the final order of the court below: Criminal Revision...
Webwork Director

WebWork Director Anurag Garg Case yet to be Presented in the Court: Bail Application...

Webwork Trades Pvt. Ltd. Directors Anurag Garg & Sandesh Verma were Arrested in the charges of online scam of Rs. 500 crore on 17th of...
Mahesh Dayal Bail

Mahesh Dayal’s Bail Application has been Disposed and is Accused of Prize Chits and...

Mahesh Dayal, who was the Technical head of the entire Social Trade Website and used to handle all the new implementations. He got bail...
Criminal Revision Disposed

Anubhav Mittal’s Criminal Revision Case has been Decided and the Response will Shock You

Criminal Revision case filed by Anubhav Mittal to prove himself not guilty and brings things in the initial state has been decided and the...
Criminal Revision

Criminal Revision Case of Anubhav Mittal Continues today from 22 May Hearing

From the last hearing on 17 May 2017 of Criminal Revision case filed by Anubhav Mittal, Court ordered for next hearing date on 22...
Anubhav Mittal 17 May

Anubhav Mittal’s Criminal Revision Case Continues and gets Another Hearing Date

From the last hearing of Criminal Revision case which was filed by Anubhav Mittal in order to prove the allegations on him wrong and...

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