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Why Archer is out of the Game – Shocking Spot at IPL 2020

Archer is out of game in IPL 2020

IPL 2020 – Team Captains: What should you know about them?

Eight team captions of IPL 2020

How each team is building for IPL 2020?

ipl 2020 season gearing up with the new teams

Sunrisers New Sponsorship – A strategic Gameplay?

Sunrisers Hyderbad get new sponsorship in 2020

IPL 2020 – An entry ticket to the World Cup

IPL 2020 is an entry to the world cup. Here is how it is planned

Top Bid Players of IPL 2020 – Here is something you need to know

IPL 2020 with Top bid players

How the IPL 2020 Auction went? – Glimpse of the Event

Here are some interesting thing you need to know about IPL 2020

Three Shocking Buys in IPL 2020

What are the buys that shocked in IPL auction 2020?

Let’s get geared up for the IPL Season!

IPL is the most exciting part of the year. Here are the basic things to know about the season.

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