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Anubhav Mittal Case Doesn’t seem to have the Decision Yet

Bail application for Mittal was filed and heard on 2nd of December 2019. But the result of the application was, the Bail was not granted.
Anubhav Mittal getting VVIP Treatment

Anubhav Mittal is Getting VVIP Treatment in Police Custody: Busted

A recent video on the internet showed how these powerful people plays with the law and order of the country by keeping corrupt police and Politicians in their pocket.

Charges on Anubhav Mittal Elaborated to Understand the Case in Better Way

Charges on Mittal from the UP State are under IPC Section 420, 406, 467,471, 34. These Sections are elaborated for people to understand so that they can relate to it.

Anubhav Mittal Case’s Result from Hearing on 4 April 2019

The hearing was scheduled to be on 4th of April 2019 fro the last hearing date i.e on 11 March 2019. The Case was in between UP State vs. Anubhav Mittal, CEO of Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The case was presented in front of the Chief Judicial Magistrate.

Anubhav Mittal’s case has been Cancelled

Anubhav Mittal and Ablaze Info Solution's case seems to be ongoing and never ending. The case journey from 2017 till date still...
Anubhav Mittal was Arrested Today

Result of Anubhav Mittal Case in Lucknow’s Court on 12 December 2018

Owner of Social Trade and mastermind of 3700 crore scam, Anubhav Mittal was to be brought in the Lucknow court for the hearing on...

Anubhav Mittal’s Case to be Heard Today at Lucknow’s Court

Anubhav Mittal's Case to be Heard Today at Lucknow's Court: Ponzi Scheme's Mastermind, owner of Ablaze Information Systems pvt. Ltd. Anubhav Mittal was brought to...
Anubhav Mittal

Anubhav Mittal’s Release Application was Rejected Yet Again

Anubhav Mittal's Release Application was Rejected Yet Again: This must seem to you a bit awkward for the readers to get the news of Anubhav...
Anubhav Mittal was Arrested Today

Anubhav Mittal was Arrested Today

Anubhav Mittal was Arrested Today: It's been exactly a year since the owner of Ponzi Scheme business Social Trade, Anubhav Mittal was arrested in...
Release Applications

Release Application have been Filled for Anubhav Mittal / Social Trade

It's been a long time that we got any information about Anubhav Mittal and Social Trade. Latest news that we got from our sources...

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