Lovely Quotes

A Temple  is a very interesting place  – The poor  beg outside  & the rich beg inside .. Good Morning..

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Mistakes ?; Failures ? & Rejections ? are The Part Of Progress & Growth….☝ Nobody ? Ever Achieved Anything Worth Without Facing These Three Things ?. So don’t worry to face them.

? Good Morning…..?

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A sunset ?here is a sunrise ?on the other end of the world ? we must never give up ?. Because ☝ what appears to be the end may actually be a new beginning ? .

Good Morning ?

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ALWAYS keep the communication ??? regular. Because ☝ what is disturbing is NOT the “Noise” ? of strangers but the “SILENCE” ?of DEAR ONES ?.

Good Morning. ..☺

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Tree ? that wants to touch sky ⛅ must extend roots into earth ?. More it wants to rise upward ☝ more it has to go downwards ?. So, to rise in life, ✨ we must be down to the earth ? Humble ?, Express gratitude ? and Love unconditionally ?.. Good 〽orning..?

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