Beautiful Good Morning Quotes

” When you move your focus  from competition  to contribution  life becomes a celebration .”

” Never defeat people , Just win them ” Good Morning

“☝?When you are in the light ✨, Everything follows you ??,

But when you enter into the dark?,

Even your own shadow? doesn’t follow you.

Good morning.?✨

“Simple Rule for tension free life; ☺

☝?When we have choices, let’s choose the best ??.

☝?When we have no choices ?? let’s do our best ??.”

Good Morning..?

Definition of TIME ? !?

Time is Slow ? when you wait! ??

Time is Fast ? when you are late!??

Time is Deadly ? when you are sad !?

Time is Short ✨when you are happy!?

Time is Endless ? when you are in pain!?

Time is Long〰 when you feel bored!?

Every time ☝?, time is determined by your feelings?

and your psychological conditions & not by clocks ???.

So Have A Nice Time Always…

Good Morning..?

दुनिया का सबसे अच्छा तोहफा “वक्त” है।क्योकि जब आप किसीको अपना वक्त देतें हैँ,

तो आप उसे अपनी “जिंदगी” का वह पल देतें हैं, जो कभी लौटकर नहीं आता…?

?Good Morning?

May God bless on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra and
may this festival  Make you capable of defeating all evils in your life?

Wish You a Happy Dussehra!????

सफलता अपना स्तर नीचे नहीं करेगी। हमें अपना स्तर ऊँचा उठाना होगा। ।। सुप्रभात । ।?

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Good morning.?

Do the hard job first. Easy jobs will take care of themselves. Good morning.?

“Life ? is all about Three things ☝? :- Winning ✌?, Losing ??, and Sharing ??”.

Winning others Heart ♥..

Losing Bad things ? & Sharing Happy Moments ☺ with Near & Dear ones ?..

Thats Life..!! ?

Good morning..?

Who will work in my absence ??

Sun? asked the entire world? during sunset ⛅ .

Everyone remained silent?

but ☝? the candle ✨ whispered, “Will Try My Level Best ✌?.”

It’s not the SIZE ☝?….. but the ATTITUDE ? that shines ✨??!

Good morning..?

☝?Efforts are Never Wasted, Even when it leads ? to Disappointing Results..?

B’coz, It always Makes us More Prepared ?, Stronger ??, Capable ?? & Experienced…?

Good Morning ?

“When you will challenge people, you will lose one day.

When you’ll challenge yourself, you will win everyday.”

Good morning.✨✨


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