Awesome Lines

"It is our decisions , and not our conditions , that determine our destiny ."
- Good Morning..
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" We have power  over our mind - not outside events ?. If we realize this ☺,
we will find strength ✌?." - Good Morning ?
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☝?Confident Walking ?? is more successful than confused Running ??.
Follow no one ?,
but Learn from
Everyone ??.

??Gud Mrng??
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☝?"It is necessary to help others ?, not only in our prayers ??,
but in our daily lives ?. If we find we cannot help others,
the least we can do is to desist ☝? from harming ? them -
Good Morning ?
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" ☝?Every Little Smile ? can Touch somebody's HEART ❤.
☝?No one is Born ?? happy,but all us are born with the ability ??
to create Happiness ?. "BE HAPPY ☺ALWAYS✌?" .
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☝?Thought of the Day....!!!

“Make your mistakes?,
take your chances✌?,
look silly?,
but keep on going??.
Don’t freeze up.”

? Gud Mrng ?
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☝?Best philosophy in life is to keep the mind happy ?.
??We don't know whether success gives happiness ? or not ?,
☝?But a happy mind can always lead to Success ?."
Good Morning ?
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☝?Whether it is a Machine ? ,
Or Relationship ? .
'MAINTENANCE ?' is always cheaper ? than REPAIR? ..!!
Good Morning..?
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"☝?The more we praise ?? and celebrate ?? our life, the more ? there is in life to celebrate ??." - Good Morning
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☝?When mind is weak ??, the situation becomes a Problem ?.
☝?When mind is balanced ⚖ the situation becomes a Challenge ?​.
☝?When mind is strong?? the situation becomes an Opportunity ✨..!!
It is all mind game ?. 
Good Morning.......!!! ?
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☝?We Met It Was Luck ?! 
☝?We Talked It Was CHANCE ✨! 
☝?We Became Friends ? It Was DESTINY ?! 
☝?We Are Still Friends ? It Is FAITH ??! 
☝?We Will Always Be Friends? Its A PROMISE ??On This Promise Day : ????
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☝?No one in this world is pure ?? and perfect ??.
If you avoid people for their mistakes ??, you will be alone ?? in this world.
☝?So judge less ?? and love ? more ?. Good Morning ? [divide style="dots" color="#707070"] All problems are only due to two words "early" and "late" We dream too early.. 
And act too late..
We trust too early.
And forgive too late.
We get angry too early..
And apologize too late. We give up too early..
And restart too late. We cry too early..
And smile too late Change "early" or It will be too "late"..!! 
Good Morning 
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