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Is it right to blame PUBG?

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole....

Foodies: Here is your must-watch bucket list

In modern media, there are numerous cooking shows on local and international TV channels that feature famous chefs displaying their kitchen mastery. It is basically...

Top 5 National Parks that you must be visiting in India

The best national parks that you will come across in India

Explore these Scuba Diving Places in India

Scuba Diving places in India

Best Places to travel in Monsoon in India

Travel these places in India during Monsoon and its wonderful

What is the best Photoshop Alternative Found?

Best Photoshop Alternative software with great interface

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What friends character are you according to your sun sign?

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Top 10 Best Browser Games That are addictively entertaining

Games are an excellent medium to relax and enjoy some me time. Browser games are so popular because they do not require any...

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Trending Bollywood challenges for promotions

There are new trending challenges launched for movies and programs


Whatsapp Messages

If they  respect you, respect them , If they disrespect  you, still respect them.... Do not allow the actions of others to affect you ,...

Attractive Lines

It's funny  that , we ask God  to change the situation  for us; without realising  that God  put us in the situation , to change . Good...

Bundelkhandi Jokes

रिवीजन बुंदेलखंडी स्टायल में जो भी हो गओ जो भी हो गओ जो भी हो गओ जो तो आतई है जो भी हो गओ और एग्जाम होल में प्रश्न पत्र ...

Romantic Love Shayari

दर्द बयां करना है तो शायरी से कीजिये……….. जनाब….. लोगों के पास वक़्त कहाँ एहसासों को सुनने का… पहले मुहब्बत का नशा था मन्नै दिल ईसा टूट्या के...

Teacher Student Jokes

Great Collection of Teachers - Students Jokes

Funny Jokes in Hindi

Read our good collection of very funny Jokes ,SMS, messages in English and hindi     कौन कमबख्त कहता है की facebook और whatsapp बच्चों को बिगाड़ता है,. .आधी अँग्रेज़ी तो हमने...

Lovely Quotes

A Temple  is a very interesting place  - The poor  beg outside  & the rich beg inside .. Good Morning.. Mistakes ?; Failures ? & Rejections...

Beautiful Good Morning Quotes

" When you move your focus  from competition  to contribution  life becomes a celebration ." " Never defeat people , Just win them " Good Morning "☝?When...


Good Shayaries collection in Hindi on edunia 1.जुनून , हौसला और पागलपन आज भी है.. मेने जीने का तरीका बदला है तेवर नही.. ☆* 2.दुनिया का उसूल हैं,...

Morning Quote

First bench doing job  and last bench doing business . Truth of school life . A first bench student knows the answer of every problem ☑. But...