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Teenager ‘Accidentally’ Shot Dead while Posing with a pistol for TikTok Video

In a shocking incident in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, a teenager got shot accidentally while they were posing for a TikTok video...

Top five Fitness Freaks of Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities known for fitness

All you need to know about the great “Nesamani”

#prayforNesamani- the twitter trending hashtag

Anubhav Mittal is Getting VVIP Treatment in Police Custody: Busted

A recent video on the internet showed how these powerful people plays with the law and order of the country by keeping corrupt police and Politicians in their pocket.

Startup Lessons Every Entrepreneur can Learn from Avengers: Endgame

Motivation is the number one thing an entrepreneur would need along with relaxation. And what better than Avengers: Endgame to provide with both.

How to Use a Smartphone in a Productive Manner?

The use of mobiles is on the rise and as per a study; users are nowadays using more than 4 hours per day on their smartphones. While some of them

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Reaction of Twitterati after the last Episode of Game of Thrones

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Lawyer Jokes

एक वकील सिगरेट पी रहा था। तभी एक खुबसुरत लङकी वहाँ आई ओर बोली लङकीः आप कितने सालो से सिगरेट पीते है??... वकीलः आठ साल से! लङकीः अगर...

What are Girls in Love Marriage, Mom Describes

लड़का -: मम्मी ‘लव मैरिज’ करने से घरवाले नाराज होते हैं क्या..? मम्मी -: तू जरूर किसी चुड़ैल के चक्कर में होगा ...और यह सब...

Achha Beta

मैंने माँ से कहा..तेरे लिए मेरी क्या क़ीमत है। माँ बोली..बेटा तू लाखो मै नहीं करोड़ो मै है। मै बोला माँ से .....करोड़ मे से 200...

Attractive Lines

It's funny  that , we ask God  to change the situation  for us; without realising  that God  put us in the situation , to change . Good...

Teacher Student Jokes

Read our latest collection of Teacher Student Jokes, jokes are in hindi and english वो मुड़ मुड़ के देख रहे थे हमें, हम मुड़ मुड़ के देख...

Heart Broken Shayari

Log pyar karte hain bade shor k sath, Humne bhi kiya bade jor k sath, Ab nahi karna kisi or k sath, Kal dekha use kisi aur...

Husband- Wife jokes

जो शादी कर चुके हैं वो सब्र करें । शादी के बाद पत्नी कैसे बदलती है , जरा गौर कीजिए : ? पहले साल : मैंने कहा...

Naughty Jokes

George found Tim, lying beside the road after a car accident. Tim was crying hysterically. George stopped his car and ran to him. "Tim! Are...

Mind Blowing Quotes

Relation is sweeter than honey and greater than money , smoother than silk and whiter than milk , higher than any tower and...