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What is the best Photoshop Alternative Found?

Best Photoshop Alternative software with great interface

Here’s how to go ‘invisible’ on WhatsApp without deleting it.

WhatsApp helps you stay connected with friends, family, and people from work. It also allows you to easily share images, videos and...

Does she love you? 5 clear signs to make the next move

Are you crazy about each other? Thinking if you are friend zoned? ‘You are Just friends’ says colleagues, but you know...

Casual Wear Makes the Real Trend-Here is Why

Casual Outfits that are trending the season.

Monsoon Foods to be included in your diet

It is that time of the year again, where the rains blow your mind but what follows is stuffy nose and week-long...

The 5 Comebacks of Bollywood – Making it favorite of all time

5 Bollywood combacks that are favorite of all time

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Diljith Singh Proves his fashion trends in Bollywood

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In a shocking incident in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, a teenager got shot accidentally while they were posing for a TikTok video...

Top five Fitness Freaks of Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities known for fitness

All you need to know about the great “Nesamani”

#prayforNesamani- the twitter trending hashtag


Music is a language relished by people all over the world. It is music that speaks when words go untold. But we...

Anubhav Mittal is Getting VVIP Treatment in Police Custody: Busted

A recent video on the internet showed how these powerful people plays with the law and order of the country by keeping corrupt police and Politicians in their pocket.


Love you Mom

Love you Mom

New Level of Hinglish Learning

This level of Hinglish will Drive you crazy and we believe you will develop new techniques for your convenience. ALL THE BEST THEN...

Beautiful Good Morning Quotes

" When you move your focus  from competition  to contribution  life becomes a celebration ." " Never defeat people , Just win them " Good Morning "☝?When...

Good Morning

All problems are only due to two words "early" and "late" We dream too early.. And act too late.. We trust too early.. And forgive too late. We get...

Heart Broken Shayari

Log pyar karte hain bade shor k sath, Humne bhi kiya bade jor k sath, Ab nahi karna kisi or k sath, Kal dekha use kisi aur...

Judai Shayari

Judai Shayari is for people who are waiting for their loved ones for long time   Dil Ko Aata Hai Jab Bhi Khyal Unka, Tasvir Se Puchte...

Husband Wife Jokes

पति - शादी के समय सात फेरे लेते वक्त तुमने वचन दिया था और स्वीकार किया था कि, मेरी इज्जत करोगी, मेरी सब बात...

Drunker Jokes

नदी के किनारे पहुंचने के बाद मछली पकड़ने गये आदमी को मालूम पड़ा कि वो मछलियों के लिए चारा लाना तो भूल ही गया।...

Naughty Jokes

George found Tim, lying beside the road after a car accident. Tim was crying hysterically. George stopped his car and ran to him. "Tim! Are...