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Dating trends of 2020 – What you need to know?

Here are some interesting new trends of dating in 2020

Three Shocking Buys in IPL 2020

What are the buys that shocked in IPL auction 2020?

Foods which help smokers to reduce smoking

Know the foods that can help you quit smoking

Let’s get geared up for the IPL Season!

IPL is the most exciting part of the year. Here are the basic things to know about the season.

Bajaj launched their iconic scooter Chetak in Electric Version

Bajaj is an auto manufacturing brand in India that has been one of the most successful Indian two wheeler makers for a...

Is Sex Important for a Relationship?

Many couples experience ups and downs in their intimacy levels, and there are many reasons why. Some aren’t interested in having sex at all, which is totally fine. But if you are, then sex is an important part of a relationship. Here’s why.

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Find your lost/stolen mobile phone: 7 things to know

Losing a phone is one of the most terrible and depressing thing that can occur to this generation. Know the ways to track it down.

What is currently happening with Citizenship Amendment Bill?

Citizenship Amendment Bill have created an exemplary chaos in the history. But it is time to know what is the real time situation

Tech Accessory gifts for women – Make this Christmas special

Who says women are not attracted to tech gifts? Do you know 7 out of 10 women are most likely to...

Food Behavior – What food can make you happy?

Food behaviour is the most essential subject that you need to know. Food provides nutritional support for an organism. As the human...


Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 – Love Season

Happy Valentine's Day 2017  Every time I see you, I feel a little flame in my heart, that lights up, because… I LOVE YOU! Falling in...

Haryanvi Funny Jokes in Hindi

Read our goodcollection of Haryanvi funny Jokes ,SMS, messages in English and hindi   सोनीपत : एक छौरा रोंमेटिक हो के आपणी डब्बण ते बोलया ” मनै तैरी...

Lawyer Jokes

एक वकील सिगरेट पी रहा था। तभी एक खुबसुरत लङकी वहाँ आई ओर बोली लङकीः आप कितने सालो से सिगरेट पीते है??... वकीलः आठ साल से! लङकीः अगर...

Hindi Romantic Quotes

Edunia Covers the great collection of new Romantic Hindi Quotes which could be sent to your loved ones and impress them.. "aaina dekh ke kahte hain sanwarne wale aaj be-maut marenge mere marne wale... "aaina kyun na dun ki tamasha kahen jise aisa kahan se laun ki tujh sa kahen jise... "aaina ye to batata hai ki main kya hun magar aaina is pe hai KHamosh ki kya hai mujh men... "aaine se nazar churaate hain jab se apna hi KHwab dekha hai... "aaj tak dil ki aarzu hai wahi phul murjha gaya hai bu hai wahi... "aaj usne hans ke yun puchha mizaj umr bhar ke ranj-o-gham yaad aa gae... "aankh dekhe bina nahin rahti honT to KHair si liye humne... "aankh jo kuchh dekhti hai lab pe aa sakta nahin mahw-e-hairat hun ki duniya kya se kya ho jaegi... "aankh rahzan nahin to phir kya hai luT leti hai qafila dil ka... "aankhen dikhlate ho joban to dikhao sahab wo alag bandh ke rakha hai jo mal achchha hai...

Husband- Wife jokes

जो शादी कर चुके हैं वो सब्र करें । शादी के बाद पत्नी कैसे बदलती है , जरा गौर कीजिए : ? पहले साल : मैंने कहा...

Men Will be Men

This has given me the actual 'ME' sense.."Men Will be Men" 3 young Ladies proposed a MAN.. .. He had to choose one of them.. .. He...

Great Lines written by Anonymous

नफरतों का असर देखो, जानवरों का बटंवारा हो गया, गाय हिन्दू हो गयी ; और बकरा मुसलमान हो गया.|| मंदिरो मे हिंदू देखे, मस्जिदो में मुसलमान, शाम को जब...

Drunker Jokes

नदी के किनारे पहुंचने के बाद मछली पकड़ने गये आदमी को मालूम पड़ा कि वो मछलियों के लिए चारा लाना तो भूल ही गया।...

Leave Application By A Frustrated Employee

Leave Application By A Frustrated Employee