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Teenager ‘Accidentally’ Shot Dead while Posing with a pistol for TikTok Video

In a shocking incident in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, a teenager got shot accidentally while they were posing for a TikTok video...

Top five Fitness Freaks of Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities known for fitness

All you need to know about the great “Nesamani”

#prayforNesamani- the twitter trending hashtag

Anubhav Mittal is Getting VVIP Treatment in Police Custody: Busted

A recent video on the internet showed how these powerful people plays with the law and order of the country by keeping corrupt police and Politicians in their pocket.

Startup Lessons Every Entrepreneur can Learn from Avengers: Endgame

Motivation is the number one thing an entrepreneur would need along with relaxation. And what better than Avengers: Endgame to provide with both.

How to Use a Smartphone in a Productive Manner?

The use of mobiles is on the rise and as per a study; users are nowadays using more than 4 hours per day on their smartphones. While some of them

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8 Things You can do to Get Over the Breakup

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Did you watch these 5 Details in GOT 8th Season, 5th Episode

1. Opening credits scene If you are a careful observer of Game of Thrones, you might have...

Best Indian psychological thrillers till date

5 Best Psychological Thrillers In Indian Movies

Shocking statement by Sunil Grover. Says “I do not watch Kapil Sharma show”

“I have spoken to Salman Khan about this issue, he can give me advice as far as I am concerned but it can't be applied to me’. On a closing note, he made a statement that could surprise you. He said ‘ I do not watch that show of which I am not a part of any more’.

GDP Growth Scam – A Manipulation done Through Bookkeeping of Several Fake Companies

Economical firms have been used cunningly to show growth in the GDP figure. Yes, you read it right i.e. GDP Growth...


Lovely Quotes

A Temple  is a very interesting place  - The poor  beg outside  & the rich beg inside .. Good Morning.. Mistakes ?; Failures ? & Rejections...

Haryanvi Funny Jokes in Hindi

Read our goodcollection of Haryanvi funny Jokes ,SMS, messages in English and hindi   सोनीपत : एक छौरा रोंमेटिक हो के आपणी डब्बण ते बोलया ” मनै तैरी...

Hindi Love Quotes

Edunia Covers the great collection of new Romantic Hindi Quotes which could be sent to your loved ones and impress them.. "bad-guman aap hain kyun aap se shikwa hai kise jo shikayat hai hamen gardish-e-ayyam se hai... "bahane aur bhi hote jo zindagi ke liye hum ek bar teri aarzu bhi kho dete... "bahr-ayaadat aae wo lekin qaza ke sath dam hi nikal gaya mera aawaz-e-pa ke sath... "bahut mushkil hai duniya ka sanwarna teri zulfon ka pech-o-KHam nahin hai... "bane hain jab se wo laila nai mahmil men rahte hain jise diwana karte hain usi ke dil men rahte hai...

Judai Shayari

Judai Shayari is for people who are waiting for their loved ones for long time   Dil Ko Aata Hai Jab Bhi Khyal Unka, Tasvir Se Puchte...

Drunker Jokes

नदी के किनारे पहुंचने के बाद मछली पकड़ने गये आदमी को मालूम पड़ा कि वो मछलियों के लिए चारा लाना तो भूल ही गया।...

Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes

Girl to shopkeeper : Bhaiya aap ke paas koi aisa valentine card hai Jisme likha ho. 'You are MY 1st and would be my Last LOVE..? Shopkeeper : Haan...

Attractive Lines

It's funny  that , we ask God  to change the situation  for us; without realising  that God  put us in the situation , to change . Good...

Awesome Lines

"It is our decisions , and not our conditions , that determine our destiny ." - Good Morning.. " We have power over our mind...

Teachers – Students Jokes

Great Collection of Teachers - Students Jokes Masterji to Monu: Kal homework nahi karke aaye toh mai murga banaoonga!! Sonu: Theek hai Masterji... Daaru mai le aaonga!

Indian ways to irritate any girls or boys

Indian ways to irritate any girls or boys.. किसी लड़के को पागल करना हो तो क्या करें..? उसे बहुत सारी लड़कियों के फोन नंबर दे दें और… फिर...