World Sparrow Day – All you want to know about the sparrows

World Sparrow Day

Do you like the sound of the chirping Sparrows, especially when you wake up in the morning? Yes, you would! But soon we are going to completely miss this. And, the most important thing is WE are the reason for it to be missed. Due to increasing radiation and lack of food/water, the population of sparrows is decreasing day-by-day. Urbanization is the major factor for this, due to the increase in usage of pesticides, packaged food, etc.

Nature Forever Society of India along with several other national and international organizations across the world came up with an initiative of celebrating the World Sparrow Day on March 20. The Sparrow Day celebration started in the year 2010 in order to increase the awareness in the society about the possible extinction of the house sparrow in the ecosystem. In its first year, several activities like art competitions,  processions & campaigns were conducted. About 30 countries in the world today celebrate the World Sparrow Day.

Mohammed Dilawar is the founder of Nature Forever Society, who is a conservationist. He is named as “Heroes of the Environment” in the year 2008 for his efforts by Times in the list of 30 most influential Environmentalists in the world. He is also known for receiving the Limca Book of Records for the conservation of house sparrows and Guinness Book of Records in 2011 for large bird feeding.

Mohammed Dilawar
Mohammed Dilawar

Mohammed Dilawar has also initiated the Save Our Sparrows project, Annual Sparrows Award, and the Biodiversity Photo Competition.  He is now part of Common Bird Monitoring of India Program that helps to identify the 18 types of common birds in India.


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