Work From Home – How corona is changing India?

The deadly infectious coronavirus has adverse effects on human lives. It has spread to almost all countries claiming the lives of thousands of peoples. With no medicines found as a curative for this deadly virus, it has no stopping. It all started in China and spread to almost every country all over the globe. China is one of the biggest global leaders in the economy and its strategy to work from home worked. But India is facing real trouble with the same strategy.

Preventive Measures

With coronavirus invading China, the local government announced to shut down of all educational institutions and work from home rules for companies and employees. Thus, no employee will be allowed to work from offices, rather sit at home and work for companies, in this way reducing the spread of the virus. This, however, turned out to be a huge success in China. With China serving as an inspiration, many countries have imposed work from home offers for their citizens to reduce the spread of the virus. Also, the US and the UK have asked their citizens to work from home rather than going to the office physically. With the spread of coronavirus in India, the Indian government has imposed strict rules for their citizens to follow as preventive measures, one of which is work from the home strategy for workers. Here is some work from home effects of the coronavirus.

Credits: The Verge

The real struggle

The work from home strategy did not hurt much for China and other western countries. However, turns to be the exact opposite in India. The Indian firms are struggling to work from home and the set targets are no way closer to their results.  The non-IT industries and small start-up companies have been struggling a lot and are the worst-hit in India. Also, India is a developing country, home workforce could not be carried out with age-old laptops, poor network connectivity, and weak internet speed.

One may feel that only non-IT companies are struggling and facing issues, yet shockingly IT companies are also facing serious issues in India. Though, no IT companies are facing the trouble that hardware companies are experiencing. However, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, who are tech-giants in the modern era, have not such issues and make a perfect sense for IT employees to do work through video conferencing and collaboration. Also, with many collaborative tools available in markets for team working, video conferencing, and other communication applications, the MNC’s know the tools and its working experience.

Work from Home for Non-IT sector

However, the non-IT companies and small and medium business enterprises (SMB’s) have little or no clue on how to use these tools effectively. Also, it has made life miserable for service and sales personals and other allied officials to shift new digital marketing strategies. Again, the newbie startup companies have shut down the companies due to the outbreak of corona and its inability to opt-out to digital setup. 

Again, there is a large increase in digital courses on how to work from home and other effective strategies to follow while working from home. This, however, is not a big deal for global tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and other corporate companies, who already have work from home offers made available to their workers from earlier times. Also, many sources like Gartner, which says that about 54% of HR professionals have cited that poor technology and infrastructure have made it difficult for effective work from home ideas.

Why Work from home causing the crisis?

With the Indian economy already in a terrible downfall, the outbreak of COVID-19 has further applied salt to the wounds. Many foreign clients have canceled their meetings and many projects are made to halt. With not many platforms to work with, Indian IT professionals too are facing issues. The hardware arena is also facing terrible loss. This is because of the man to man sales and service that they have offered for ages. Automobile, Fun and entertainment, and other domains were asked to shut down. All the malls, theatres, gyms and other entertainment places are shut down till March 31. This has made many workers and employees sit at home idle as they cannot work from home. Also, no payment and salary is provided for workers with any business going on in these places.

What makes the crisis?

Tourism is the most affected sector. Since the government has asked all monuments, pilgrimages, and tourist places to close down till March 31st. The outbreak of COVID-19 and work from home has created a loss of livelihood. The most to suffer are the peoples who come to cities from remote villages for livelihood and jobs. However, overall, work from home ideas for India is a complete failure for hardware and non-IT companies. Even though the globally leading tech-giants are ma managing the crisis. However, poor laptops, weak network, and internet connectivity continue to trouble these guys.


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