Women Have More Social Responsibility, Hence No Night Shift For Them

Night Shifts
Night Shifts

The Karnataka state legislators have come forward with a proposal to the state government to ban night shifts for women. It was said that women are responsible for grooming the next generation. Hence, it is required that the maternal responsibilities be missed out by the women. Due to night shifts, the women may not be able to meet their children. The safety of the women at nights was also another concern raised.

Several women employees and activists have come forward against the proposal. They claimed that the introduction of 26 weeks of maternity leave would already hamper the career of women. Added to this, if this is also introduced, the women will have to slowly get back to the state, where they will ask to stay at home. They had mentioned that the proposal reveals a paternalistic mindset of the legislators and will do no good for them.

With respect to Women’s safety, it is the responsibility of the state government to make the place more safe for the women to work and not to spell whether we can work or not. Several women have come forward saying that in spite of┬áthe absence of their parents or in-laws, they were able to manage both the personal and professional arena exceptionally well.


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