Is the treatment found for Corona Virus true?

Corona, what used to be the name of a beer brand, is now something that is shaking the world in fear. Identified first in China, the coronavirus made headlines within days after it was first identified. Since its first identification, there have been recorded virus attacks in 23 countries. What makes the coronavirus something to fear is the fact that its symptoms are the same as a common cold. The symptoms being so similar people initially thought this was nothing but flu. These misconceptions lead to the death of a few people in China, followed by people in various countries.

China has come to a standstill over the past couple of weeks as the outbreak is the most there. Scientists and physicians from China have been working for an antidote day in and day out. Not just in China, but people are around the globe are working to find a medicine for this fast-spreading virus. No actual medicine has been fully developed for this disease, but there are some promising results thus far. China is the first to sphere head this mission for an antidote, tries HIV drugs as a possible medicine. This news spread like wildfire, and physicians from around the world started to use HIV drugs for the treatment of their patients.

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Rajavithi hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, made some improvements in the usage of these drugs and produced some promising results in rapid speed. When the doctors of Rajavithi hospital head of the use of HIV drugs for the treatment of this virus, they decided to use flu drugs along with it for better results. This cocktail of drugs worked miracles and showed significant development in the condition of the patients. The doctors at the hospital claim that treatment has shown improvements in many patients. As per the doctors, there were no improvements in the health of the patient for 10 straight days. But soon after this mixture of the drug was given, the test results showed negative. This drug cocktail was tested on two individuals, of whom a Chinese woman of 70 years was the one who showed improvement. The treatment for the other person has to be stopped as the patient developed rashes during the process.

The medicine mixture that the doctors at the Rajavithi hospital used are a mixture of HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir, along with the flu drug oseltamivir. The main idea behind using this drug mixture is the fact that the disease is a type of flu in the first place. The doctors at the hospital made a clear statement saying that this is not a cure but a medium that improves the conditions of the patients. They are also certain that this can help people in the early stages of this disease and not during the latter half.

Coronavirus treatments and cure
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The actions towards this disease are fast-moving around the globe, as this is a fast-spreading virus. In fact, it is one of the most easily transferable diseases. Unlike SARS and MERS, which had a high fatality rate, this has a mere 2% fatality rate. But that does not mean this can be taken lightly. According to history, it was the common cold that took millions of lives and not the SARA or MERS. The fear that this could possibly be one such deadly virus is what that is pushing everyone to come up with a proper medicine for this disease.

Though this mix medicine has proven to show improvements in the patients, it is not accepted as a cure. This is because this medicine is still in its testing stages and needs more study to come to a conclusion. This is the reason why WHO has not approved of this as a treatment method for the coronavirus. Since different bodies may react to it differently and cause any problem to the patients. The growth in developing a cure for this disease is increasing day by day. Soon enough, there will be a cure for this disease, which can be used by all patients.


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