Virat Kohli Comapired to Animals by Australian Media

Virat Kohil

All this started from the DRS (Decision Review System) Controversy which happened in the second test match where Indian Skipper Virat Kohli argued with umpire and Steve Smith as Australian Skipper was looking towards the Dressing room in order to decide whether to take DRS or not after he was given out by the main umpire on the ground and he was not satisfied from the decision but was also unclear about whether he is out or not.


After denial from Umpire for the activity, Smith walked off the ground. Post-match, in an interview, Kohli said, “Australians has the habit of looking towards the dressing room time and again and I had had enough of it”.

But Smith also accepted that it’s wrong that he was looking towards the dressing room in order to take the DRS decision.


After all this drama was over, ICC didn’t take any action on any of them but BCCI lodged the complaint against Smith and demanded that Smith should be punished as it was his fault. But Board managed to settle the disputes and asked BCCI to take the case back and BCCI did the same. Finally, Indian and Australian Skipper was asked to meet each other before next match to make peace and just focus on the game.


After all these dramas settled, FOX Sports Australia came from nowhere and aired a polling system for the Vettel of the week which is also said to be the sports villain of the week and added pictures of the panda, a cat, a dog, and Virat Kohli as the nominees of the Vettel of the week.


Well, this is really hitting below the belt and we really didn’t think Australia’s reputed channel FOX Sports would go this below. It looks more of a racist media.

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