Teenager ‘Accidentally’ Shot Dead while Posing with a pistol for TikTok Video

In a shocking incident in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, a teenager got shot accidentally while they were posing for a TikTok video with a country-made pistol.

The police reported that on the evening of Wednesday, Pratik Wadekar, 17, got apparently shot while the incident took place in the religious town of Shirdi. Pratik and his relatives- Nitin Wadekar (27), Sunny Pawar (20), a 11 year old boy and another young man were performing the last rites of their family member in Shirdi. While they were in the hotel room, they decided to record a video posing with a country-made pistol for the popular video-sharing TikTok app. While posing, the trigger of the pistol got pressed accidentally and the bullet hit Pratik. He collapsed immediately while the others fled the room. As the hotel staff got alerted by the gunshot, they tried to stop them however, one of them allegedly threatened to open fire and so he could flee the crime scene, said inspector Anil Katke of the Shirdi police station.

Credits: The Star Online

Pratik was then taken to the government hospital and upon arrival, he was declared dead even before his admission to the hospital.

A case was registered under IPC sections 302 (murder) and 307 (attempt to murder), and Sunny Pawar and Nitin Wadekar were arrested while the fled relative was yet to be traced. The fourth accused is a minor.

Inspector Katke said that further probe is on.