Sukma Attack: Naxalite Leader of Sukma Attack has been Arrested, 21 Naxal Surrendered

Sukma Attack

Naxalite podium Panda, who is involved in the Burqapal attack in Naxal-hit Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, has surrendered before the police. Podium has confessed to the execution of 19 big Naxal cases in front of the police. The award of one lakh rupees was announced on the head of this infamous Naxalite. The same Naxalite had also kidnapped former Sukma Collector Alex Paul Menon. Police is interrogating him.

Sukma Attack

Sukma SP Abhishek Meena told that last month, the Jamalilia deputy commander and Naxalite colonel Podiyam Pandu alias Panda (45) who were involved in the Burqapal attack, surrendered before the police. Panda had surrendered on May 9, which has now been revealed. In the interrogation of the police, she told that she had helped meet the social workers of Delhi with Naxalite leaders.

He told that Podium Panda is the former Sarpanch of Chintagupa Village. Currently his wife is the Sarpanch of the village. Naxalites were already preparing for the attack in Burqapal He was monitoring the security forces in Chintagupa and Burakpal since April 15. After this, the incident was executed on April 24th. 25 CRPF personnel were martyred in this The Naxalites were active after the CRPF team emerged.

Execution of Burqapal attack:

Panda told the police that the CRPF team came out of their camp on April 24 when the Naxal members brought their commanders to the notice on the day of the incident. Meanwhile, the armed Naxalites were present near Kasalpada village, about eight kilometers away from the Burqapal. After getting the information, the Maoists started siege in the area within one hour and started attacking the police force at 11.30 hrs.

During this attack, Panda was shooting with the INASA rifle. During the retaliation, Panda and his companions carried the body of the injured Naxalites and killed Naxal commander Anil to Kasalpada village. After this, Panda handed over his weapon to the Maoist commander Arjun and returned to his village. On 7th of this month, Panda came in contact with the police of Chintagupa police station and surrendered.

Militia deputy commander made in 2016:

In 1997, Pandium Pandu came in contact with the Maoist leader Ramanna, Hartma, Madanna, Paparaw and Situ. During this time he used to work as a Naxalite courier. They brought the necessary things from the cities. In 2014, he left his village and left for Minha. There he started working as a militia member in the Duleep Janata government. In 2016, he became the Deputy Commander of Militia.

Major operation of podium panda:

  1. Armistice attack in 2010 – 76 jawans martyred
  2. Kalspada attack in 2014- 14 jawans martyrs
  3. Collector Alex Pal Menon kidnapped Sukma district in 2012
  4. 2017 Burqapal attack – 25 soldiers martyred

21 Naxals have surrendered:

In Bastar district, 21 Naxalites, including three mission Maoists, surrendered in front of the police. They include a woman Naxalite. Inspector General of Bastar area Vivekanand Sinha, Deputy Inspector General of Police Dantewada area Sundarraj P has surrendered in front of the Maoists. Laxman Madkami has been declared a reward of two lakh rupees in the surrendered Maoists. He is a member of the military platoon number 26 in the area.

Troubled by the Maoists ideology:

Naxal Bharasuram Mandali is the Commander of Democratic Republic of the country. Arjun Kashyap is a member of KUTUL LOS. The reward of one lakh rupees is declared on both the heads. Other 18 surrendered Naxalites include Naxalite Mangli Marakam. Mangli Chetna is a member of the Natya Mandali. The Maoists told the police that they are troubled by the hollow ideology and violence of Maoists. Want to join the mainstream of the society.


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