Social Trade’s Owner, Anubhav Mittal’s Case gets Another Hearing Date – Investors Worried


Today was the hearing of the Social Trade scam mastermind Anubhav Mittal who is currently behind the bars for the allegedly 3700 crore scam. The alleged scam took place through the  Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Noida based company.

The scam which was surfaced in February is currently being heard by the District and Sessions Judge, Lucknow. From¬†the first date of hearing till now, the process of collecting evidences against the accused is going on. The court keeps on giving next hearing dates. The last hearing date was shifted to 13/4/2017 as on the previous hearing date i.e. 1/4/2017 the lawyers were on strike and hence no business could be concluded on that day. As for today’s hearing, the District and Sessions Court gave another hearing date 27/4/2017.


Today was one big day for the investors of Social Trade as they were expecting to have any order released from the court. However it’s again next hearing date. Well let’s see what comes next on 27 April.


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