Social Trade & Anubhav Mittal Are Supporting Digital India, So Does Narendra Modi


Narendra Modi came up with an idea of Digital India and has been promoting the same since he became the Prime Minister of India.

Narendra-Modi-Digital-India is one of a kind of Digital India and is promoting the same concept that Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and other social media promotes. Only difference between other Social Media and Social trade was the concept of MLM and in the month of January 2017, MLM concept was dropped by the company and Affiliate Marketing Opportunity was incorporated which is again done by the E-Commerce giaant Flipkart and Amazaon.


Company name changed and it was rather different company (3W Digital from Ablaze Info Solutions) which is in the name of Mr. Vasisth and the model of the business of the company is E-commerce and operates digitally.

3W Digital

Anbhav Mittal Have been doing the clean business and utilizing his database of Millions of people from one server to another server which almost all the marketing or Digital Promting company does i.e even Google and Faceboook works on the similar concept.

So now the question arises why Anubhav Mittal is taken in to custody and is not releived yet?
To answer that question, Edunia Team Talked to Various people who are associated with the company and are general public from New-Delhi.

They Said, “Anubhav Mittal is arrested because of some Fradulent Business module, Some said, he has been arrested due to some competetitior actions and many said “everything will be alright, we are in favour of the company”.

People we talked to, were all in the favour of the company and Anubhav Mittal and they also said, “company never made any kind of Fraudlent activities, we have been getting all what we were promised and we are ready to jeep supporting him in his bad phase of life.”

SocialTrade People

There were numerous people on the road today in the support of Social trade and Anubhav Mittal and its decided amon the family of Social Trade to march at the Jantar Mantar from 12pm to 5pm to support Social Trade and present their views on the arrest on Anubhav Mittal and to demand his Release soon.

All Well, If the end’s Well.. We understand Social Trade has given an opportunity to earn to everyone whether he/she be upper class, lower class without thinking any bar.

Whatever comes up, we will keep updating.. Kindly share your views in the comments section below…


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