Rizwan Dehlvi Goes on Hunger Strike Demanding Release of Anubhav Mittal

SocialTrade People

Rizwan Dehlvi, who tells himself one of the investor of Social Trade has gone for Hunger Strike today at Jantar Mantar.


He proclaims that, the FIR against the Company Ablaze Info Solutions & Anubhav Mittal that was lodged by Dinesh Singh is wrong and he has made the fake FIR and now Rizwan has demanded to Inspect Dinesh Singh for making Fake FIR and getting Anubhav Mittal behind the bars.


Slogan for his Hunger Strike Also says “Anubhav Mittal jindabaad” and he proclaims that Anubhav Mittal is innpcent and has to be released soon or else he would go on continuing Hunger Strike.

It has not yet been cleared about, Where Rizwan belongs to but yeah we can see many familiar faces in the photograph who are the Diamond and Gold members from Ghaziabaad and Noida. Diamond and Sold members are those who has made more than 1000 and 500 members under them and have made the Multi Level Marketing going on.

It has been decided among the investors of the company to march for Jantar Mantar back again tomorrow i.e on 12th of February 2017 for having Anubhav Mittal released and declared Innocent as he has not cheated anyone, acoording to the people we talked to.

But till now there are other sources as well, who tells the allegations on Anubhav Mittal is very true and he has to be behind the bars. You can read it here Social Trade Was Declared Bankrupt Rather Than A Runaway Company.


If this Hunger Strikes involves more individuals and if it continuously goes on, it could have some serious impact ont he government and this has to be solved asap as there are lakhs of people suffering and they are trying to get to any level to get their money back and supporting Anubhav Mittal and Social trade is the best way for them to have their jobs going on and making money business.

We will keep bringing some more news soon..

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