Report Card – AAP’s Surprising New Political Move

AAP report card

Most countries in the world accept democracy to be the best form of government. But still there exists several unknown and unprobed holes in a democracy that politicians make use of. Commonly, the election manifests are mere words. It is a rare case that political parties take up a challenge to fulfil it up. Here is the AAP party who came with the Report card system which is the most innovative approach.

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The Delhi government

2015 was a game-changing year for the entire nation. The legislative assembly elections in 2015 favoured the Aam Aadmi Party, by winning the majority. Out of the available 70 seats in the Delhi legislative assembly, the party won a majority with 67 seats. Delhi being a union territory and the national capital, making a win in this territory means a lot. The party gave out several election manifests, that they promised to fulfil during their reign. By February 2015, Arvind Kejriwal took up the office of the Chief Minister of Delhi

The manifesto

During their campaigns in 2015, the Aam Aadmi Party came out with an innovative idea. The party promised 70 different manifests in different fields in the society. They promised to improve urban planning, rural development, education and other basic amenities like water, electricity. The strong manifesto they proposed to help them achieve their goal of ruling over the capital city

The aftermath of the elections

The party worked rigorously to fulfil the election manifesto. The government in Delhi brought about several changes to create a better lifestyle for the citizens of Delhi. At the end of four and a half years, the party has come out with an innovative idea called the “Report card”. The pamphlets released under this contain the achievements of the party post-election. It stands following the manifesto of the party during the elections. Here are few such achievements that are mentioned in the report card released.

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The manifest in the area of health is the next highlight. The party had promised to open new hospitals and the addition of more beds in existing hospitals. The government had also taken an upper hand in the medical bill regulation by the private hospitals. These schemes gained praise from most countries of the world and even the United Nations made a special mention on it.


Water is a basic criterion that is essential for survival. The party had worked effectively in establishing pipelines to most households in Delhi. The report states that around 93% of the households in Delhi are ready to get a supply of freshwater. This is yet another worth-mentioning achievement of the party.


A few other achievements such as setting up of free hotspots zones in the union territory. The report card states that around 11,000 free WiFi spots had been setup. Setting up of monitoring cameras and street lights for the safety of women are also one great achievement.


Transportation and navigation is a major issue in most busy cities. The bustling traffic is usually hated by the general public. The government managed to increase the count of buses plied. There was also a significant expansion in the metro routes, thus making fast transport possible.

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Despite so many achievements by the Aam Aadmi Party, there have also been several un-attained goals. The party has tried to make maximum efforts, but there are still unanswered questions on why the rest of the goals haven’t been achieved.

At the end of four and a half years, the party has given out a statement that their government is the best one post-independence. With the nest round of legislative elections coming up, the release of the AAP report card will have an impact on the voting by the general public. The AAP had planned to initiate their door to door campaign by the beginning of the year. Though the report card stands evidence in achievement, there still exists chaos on the topic, “Do the public opinions favour AAP?”The outcome of this would be reflected in the Legislative assembly elections in 2020.


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