Protest At Jantar Mantar, Delhi For Releasing Anubhav Mittal


As planned yesterday, Almost 2500-3000 people arrived at Jantar Mantar today who are in support of Anubhav Mittal and also are the investors of Social Trade.

People Arrive and the agenda for the gathering was only one, “Release Anubhav Mittal and Let Social Trade Run Smoothly”.

SocialTrade People

People here also said that, if he is not released soon, they will not participate in any elections that are going to be held in Uttar Pradesh from 11th February 2017.

Well if this situation involves politicians, than We don’t think politicians would take any risks like this which could hamper their hopes of getting votes from public but here the matter has already gone in the court and now Court is the only one which will play the key role to relieve Anubhav Mittal or keep him in Judicial Custody yet.

Mass of the supporters of the company and Anubhav Mittal are going to be hampered from this and those people are one who came out from their home and is marching today and they will be doing many more efforts to get their Godfather Anubhav Mittal out f Jail and get their Jobs back of working and earning money.

Let’s Wait and Watch, What really court decides tomorrow or whenever his presence is demanded int he court. Till then Fingers crossed and we wish all the supporters get their money back.

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