Budget 2020 – Overview and Highlights

Budget overview and highlights of 2020

All you need to know about the new coronavirus

Around the end of December, a new virus outbreak was reported from Wuhan, China. The virus had pneumonia-like symptoms and was...

Socialtrade.biz Returns With New Name But Same Business Model

Socialtrade.biz has become a big scam after Speak Asia and people have suffered a lot of investing money in these companies to grow more...

Bank charges on withdrawals and deposits increased in HDFC bank

The bank charges on withdrawals and deposits have been increased by HDFC, a leading private bank. These bank charges are applicable for savings account customers,...

Top 5 National Parks that you must be visiting in India

The best national parks that you will come across in India
Aadhar Card

Do You Know that Aadhar Card is a Must For These Things!!!

It should be noted that the introduction of Aadhar Card was formerly proposed by the Congress government. But the BJP team criticized it to...

Hashtag trends that can be forever on Social Media

Social media is a space where anything that most of us think irrelevant can gain mass attention and go viral in seconds....

Zomato Acquires Uber Eats – How does it change business?

Why Zomato's acquisition is fascinating ?

Foodies: Here is your must-watch bucket list

In modern media, there are numerous cooking shows on local and international TV channels that feature famous chefs displaying their kitchen mastery. It is basically...

Charges on Anubhav Mittal Elaborated to Understand the Case in Better Way

Charges on Mittal from the UP State are under IPC Section 420, 406, 467,471, 34. These Sections are elaborated for people to understand so that they can relate to it.

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