No Proof or Any Kind of Report has Been Presented by the Police or Anyone Else Against Anubhav Mittal Yet

Anubhav Mittal

Anubhav Mittal

It would be almost 2 months next week, Anubhav Mittal have been in the police custody. Also, there has already been 4 hearing the Lucknow court and next hearing is scheduled on 1st April next month. Not only the hearing, Anubhav Mittal was also in the custody of ED Lucknow Team for almost 1 weeks for getting evidences against him.

Source Says, the reason behind having no order yet in Mittal’s case is there isn’t any report filed by the anyone yet, neither by STF team nor by ED Team. Hence every time the Mittal is presented before the court, due to lack of report from legal officers, judge can’t reach to any decision and also can’t even talk to the related persons.


Source also added, Mittal’s bail has been disposed having the only reports of the charges that has been applied on him to make him the culprit and his bail should be disposed or else he might run away taking all the money with him and people suffering right now due to loss who were associated with his company will still be in the same condition.

Well if the Government or Police force was so concerned about the People associated with the company (Members), why isn’t the report has been presented by the legal team in the court which could help court to reach on a decision hearing parties Plea.


Well, this is the condition of almost all the cases in India and that is the reason, 20 million cases are still pending in the Indian Courts.


Uttar Pradesh has also got its new Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath now, let’s see if he does something in the favour of people associated with Social Trade.

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  1. Hi, What about Investors Money, How many days we need to wait Please let me know.
    We bought the money from outside, We need to pay the money to them. At what time we can expect our money. Requesting Kindly release Mittal Ji
    and our Money,


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