Next Hearing Date for Anubhav Mittal has Been Declared and this Hearing would Really be Important for Investors



After the Last hearing on 18 March, the case for Online Scam by Social Trade was scheduled for next hearing on 1 April as there were no reports presented by the Police, STF or ED team in the court, but due to lawyer’s strike on 1st April, court wasn’t functioning hence the case of Mittal was also delayed and after a long while, Lucknow court finally got the next hearing date for the case hearing.


Next hearing date is scheduled on 13 April this month.

[quote]This hearing would be really important because, there has to be report presented in the court against Mittal which could really prove his scam as this case has been pending the court since last 2 months and not a single Plea has been made in the court to prove the scam real or false.[/quote]

Moreover, Yogi government also talks about the faster court response and this could really have some good impression on the management.

Fingers crossed and we will love to see the reaction of the investors. Post your views in the comment section below.


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