Narendra Modi Got BJP Historic Win in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand Election-2017


The election in Uttar Pradesh has already taken lots of attraction around the nation. There was various drama created before and after the election. SP along-with Congress, BSP & BJP has done everything for this election as this election was really very important for each of them because if BJP wins, BJP would take almost whole India with itself and rule in its own way (be it positive or negative). SP didn’t want BJP to win at any cost and they were also ready to collaborate with BSP if they fail to have the majority of the votes.

Finally, Result was announced today and BJP to away all the ground have majority votes from all over Uttar Pradesh, be it Muslims or Hindus or any other castes.

From Opposition,


Mayawati questions EVM machines and tells if BJP did not give a ticket to any Muslim candidate how could they gather majority votes from Muslims. She adds, If BJP is honest, they should write to Election Commission asking for an arrangement of polls using ballot paper instead of EVM which was the old school thing and she also confirmed the favor of EVM Machines when it was to be brought in the country.

Another Big news is,


BJP also won the election in Uttarakhand. Exit poll results on Thursday predicted victory for BJP in Uttarakhand with the saffron party unseating Congress chief minister Harish Rawat. A party needs to win 36 seats to be in majority in the 70-member assembly. BJP leading in 57 seats, Congress wins one (Pirankaliyar) and is leading in 10. Independents lead in three.

Way to go BJP, All the Best for the Government.. May our Country grows accordingly.


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