Do you agree? Narendra Modi is our Pradhan Sevak.. He Agrees…

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

It is a known fact that our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is very active in Social media. A user in Twitter would have been immensely pleasured for the response he got from the MAN directly. Yes, a few days back, the user in the twitter account posted that he was teased by one of his friends asking whether he is working for Narendra Modi. In reply, the user has told his friend that it is Modi who is working for them.

Surprisingly, the tweet was responded by Narendra Modi himself and the most jerking one was his reply. In his reply, he has agreed that he is the Pradhan Sevak and he is happy to be so.

This tweet gained immense support from the Twitterati and it was retweeted about 8800 times.


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