MS Dhoni Asks for Review Over Umpire’s Decision in IPL Match While IPL Format has no DRS Available



We all know the nature of Captain cool, he doesn’t even appeal if he don’t think the batsman is out but when he appeals, he is right almost every-time and specially in the case of LBW.

Last night when an IPL match was being played between Mumbai Indians and Pune Supergiant, Dhoni appealed for LBW out while Keiron Pollard was batting and the googlee was bowled by Imraan Tahir, but the umpire S Ravi was not impressed and turned down the appeal against Pollard.

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Posted by IPL – Indian Premier League on Thursday, April 6, 2017


Dhoni appealed very clearly and loudly, despite which umpire was not impressed and he didn’t even think of goint to third umpire and made the final decision against the appeal due to which Dhoni was quite miffed and asked for the review over the umpire’s decision. But unfortunately, IPL format don’t have DRS system implemented yet.


Later the commentary box looked over the appeal and it was found that Dhoni was right again and the Pollard was out but unlucky to get the same decision from Umpire S Ravi.

It was the second mistake in the same match from the same umpire. At the first place, S Ravi gave Butler out on Imran Tahir’s bowl for LBW, while the ball hit bat first and than pad.

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