How About Menstrual Leave for Women On a Monthly Basis?

Menstrual leave
Menstrual leave

Only God knows the suffering faced by women during the menstrual period. Though it is not for all women and definitely not for all the days, certainly sometime or the time, each woman would have faced it. Especially for working women, the days become even worse.

In the purview of it, Italy is planning to introduce the menstrual leave for those women who are suffering from severe pain. If introduced, it would be the first Western country to introduce something like this. The menstrual leave concept is already in existence in Japan and Indonesia.

Definitely, it would be a welcome change, especially who have been suffering from the menstrual cramps. But, we have to look at the other side of the coin also. Introducing such menstrual leaves can further cut down the chances of women employment in any industry.


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