India coping up Corona – Preventive Measures Taken

The spread of the dangerous life-threatening novel coronavirus has started to conquer Indian soil. It has created panic in every part of the country. After the first confirmed case in Kerala recorded on January 30, this virus has started infecting several thousands of people. With its origin in China, this deadly virus has ripped thousands of lives across the globe. Sadly, no preventive measures and cure known so far, COVID-19 has become a major alarming issue all over the world.


However, China and Italy have been the worst suffers of the disease, yet India is also under the cruel clutches of this virus. Soon, after its origin in Kerala, the novel virus has reaches popular cities like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Agra, Hyderabad, and Jammu and Kashmir. Both the Central and State governments are working in full swing to eliminate and prevent the virus from conquering the entire nation. However, with such sanitary measures and control, the number of affected patients has reached 128 as of March 17, 2020. Of these 128 patients, 22 are foreign nationals and the rest 106 are Indians. Sadly, this deadly infectious virus has claimed the lives of two peoples so far, as mentioned by the Ministry of Health.

Preventive Measures

Strict rules have come up and new strategies are being deployed in airports and other crowded places to detect people with a high risk of the COVID-19 virus. India has started screening passengers coming from other countries, be it foreign or Indian residents. It has been announced that all visas will be suspended till April 15 officially. A total of 12,76,046 passengers have been screened in real-time at various airports in India so far. The Indian government has imposed fresh travel restrictions prohibiting passengers from the US and the UK from March 18.

Coronavirus victims in India

Maharashtra tops the list with 39 virus-positive patients including 3 foreigners. Kerala where all started, has the second most virus-positive patients, with nearly 22 patients including two foreigners. A Maharashtra government official said that four patients were diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection, taking the tally to 39. The Union ministry did not immediately add the Maharashtra cases to its national count, covering 15 states and union territories. According to the ministry of health numbers at 4 pm on Monday, the total number of coronavirus cases in India stands at 114. The tally includes 17 foreigners. The Ministry of Health officially confirmed the death of two people. Also, it notified that 13 people were discharged after they recovered from the infection. They were only left out after prior checkup and post-treatment procedures.

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Ensuring Safety

With the increasing number of victims for this virus, the Indian government has made it mandatory for all schools, colleges, and other governmental organizations to shut down. All international and national level meetings, seminars, and conferences are canceled due to the outbreak of COVID19. As it is a communicable infectious disease, The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued fresh guidelines on the use of masks by the public. Also, states like Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and other northern parts of India have announced a complete shutdown followed by the respective government’s order. Thus, all the workers were asked to work from home as in China and other western countries. With many problems and side-effects yet to toil India, Prime Minister Modi has asked every citizen to fight corona positively and bravely. Also, he took this issue to twitter with the hashtag ‘India Fights Corona’. He also added that he feels encouraging on seeing how his people are fighting against this virus bravely and safely.

Tourism faces crisis

Also, India known for its rich cultures and architecture is currently facing terrible times. With every state closing famous monuments, pilgrimages, and other tourist places till March 18. With Maharashtra leading the list with 39 peoples, the government has announced to close some prominent tourist and religious attractions as a precautionary measure. The world-famous Ajanta and Ellora caves near Aurangabad, the popular Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai and the Tuljabhawani temple in Osmanabad district are closed given the coronavirus situation in the state.

India avoids crowding

All gyms, cinema halls, swimming pools, and other places remain closed in many states. Workers from many IT companies offered work from home and all students were sent back home safely. Again, all sports events including the world-famous Indian Premier League [IPL] was also canceled and postponed to April 15 with no foreign players.  Adding to the anti-corona restrictions, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal imposed no religious activities and political gatherings of over 50 persons would be allowed in Delhi till March 31. He also added that violating this would lead to severe implications. Also, Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh said neither foreign nor Indian tourists will be allowed to enter into the state. He also announced shutting down of educational institutions till April 15. Jammu and Kashmir imposed with Section 144 act to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus


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