Hyperloop brings 20 minutes travel from Chennai to Bengaluru


20 mins travel from Chennai to Bengaluru?

Yes, you heard it right. Not only that, 50 mins travel from Mumbai to Chennai via Bengaluru and 220 minutes travel from Mumbai to Kolkata via Chennai. The Indian Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is in talks with the Los-Angeles based organization, Hyperloop One. The organization has come forward with the proposal of introducing five lines in India. The two other proposed ideas are Bengaluru to Tiruvananthapuram and Mumbai to Delhi. Though there are lots of challenges involved in the implemented, the proposal was made considering the futuristic needs. Considering that the traffic between Chennai and Bengaluru is increasing at 15% per annum, this proposal was made.

How Hyperloop works?

Hyperloop involves traveling at a very high speed inside a tube that operates in a low-pressure. Technology will be introduced by the organization that utilizes the magnetic levitation in the low-pressure tubes to transport. It is a highly efficient and safe method to transport, but the technology that needs to be used is highly expensive. The organization has committed that the test technology will be available by the end of 2017 and it can be fully implemented by 2021. It is to be noted that Dubai has recently signed a contract with the organization to introduce Hyperloop transport in Dubai. Suresh Prabhu has specified that the technology needed will be developed in India itself.

Get ready for a super speed journey…


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