How is India responding to CoronaVirus Outbreak?

Coronavirus in India has been reported with 93 cases, including 17 foreign nationals. When compared to other nations India still has the outbreak in its control with necessary preventive measures taken.

9 people have recovered from this virus while it claimed the life of 2 elderly people – one 76-year old Karnataka man and another 68-year old woman from Delhi. Globally, the death toll has crossed the 5,500 marks, with new reports coming every day.

China, the epicentre for this virus, has reported more than 80,000 confirmed cases. There have been more than 3,100 deaths in China alone. This has adversely affected the economy of China and the world as a whole.

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Italy, the second most affected country from this virus has reported 1,414 deaths so far. There are more than 21,157 in total cases. Iran has reported 611 deaths and Spain 183.

World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic. The Indian government is rescuing its citizens from different affected countries.

Maharashtra closes schools and colleges

Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackery, has ordered the closing of schools, colleges, malls, gyms and swimming pools. This comes in response to 9 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the state. He asked people to avoid any public gatherings and take all precautionary steps.

Aviation sector affected by Coronavirus

The fear of Coronavirus has gripped every citizen. People are shying away from travelling abroad. This has affected the aviation sector. Some companies, like Blue Star Air Travel, reported 35% decline in its sales compared to the period last year.

Karnataka postpones its exams

Responding to the deadly Coronavirus, the Karnataka government has postponed exams Class 7, 8 and 9 till 31st March. The government has addressed people and asked them to avoid large public gatherings.

Schools and colleges closed in Delhi

Home Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodiya, has ordered the closing of schools and colleges in Delhi till 31st March. He has advised students to stay at home and take precautionary measures. IPL in Delhi will be played in closed doors. There will not be any spectators. This is to prevent the spread of this virus.

Andhra Pradesh postpones local body polls

N Ramesh Kumar, the Chief Election Commissioner for the state of Andhra Pradesh, said it has decided to postpone local body polls by at least six weeks. The governments of all the states are working hard to avoid any public gatherings. New dates for the polls will be announced once this virus is contained.

Delhi Police adds two more quarantine facilities

Delhi has been most affected by this virus. The Police and Delhi Government are working closely to keep this virus at minimal. The state has already reported its first death later this week – a 68-year old woman. Delhi Police has set up two new quarantine facilities, one at Wazirabad and another at Jharoda Kalan.

Surge in mask demands in Noida, Ghaziabad

President of Noida Medical Association, Anup Khanna, said the ANI that there has been a sudden rise in the demands for the mask in his locality. This comes as a response to fight the deadly Coronavirus.


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