Hearing Date for Atul Kr. Mishra to be Held Tomorrow


Atul Kumar Mishra’s case for Bail application is to be held on 27th Feb 2017 i.e Tomorrow in the Gautam Budh Nagar District court before District and Session Judge.


Charges details could be seen here

If the Bail application is granted by the district judge tomorrow, than it would be a great news for the Social Trade Members. Anubhav Mittal’s case would be really having having some rays of hope if this bail application is granted.

But as we all know there is one more bail application applied in the name of Mahesh Dayal and in our last post we couldn’t bring the result of hearing that held on 23rd Feb 2017, But you can have a look at the result of the hearing held on 23rd Feb 2017 for the Bail Application by Mahesh Dayal below:

Result of the Hearing of Mahesh Dayal’s case of Bail Application held on 23rd Feb 2017 is they have got next hearing date of 28 Feb 2017.

As we all know, Government process to handle things takes some time. Here we have to say that with the result of Mahesh Dayal’s case, there are some possibility for having next hearing date on Atul Kumar Mishra’s case as well.

But Supporters can’t loose the hope in this.. We will let you know the details about the case as soon as we receive the updates tomorrow.

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