Hearing Date for Anubhav Mittal’s Case is Yet Unclear and the Investors are Worried

Anubhav Mittal

Last hearing date for Anubhav Mittal’s case who is accused for the online scam of 3700 Crores from 6-7 Lakh People was on 1st of April, which unfortunately was not conducted due to Lawyer’s strike in the country, Read the full story here.

It was taken in to consideration of scheduling the hearing date of the case on Monday i.e on 3rd April 2017, the cause list of the court case doesn’t shows any name of Mittal’s case. However Edunia Team got to know that the hearing was also not conducted yet after the last hearing on 18th March 2017 and the the court status says the next hearing date is not yet updated. Have a look below.


[quote]Modi Government in India promotes Digital India, But not even the case updates are done digitally after a week.[/quote]

[quote]Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh proposes to set up 25 Special courts for the quick disposal of cases against SC and ST.[/quote]

But who will look after such scams and return people’s money to recover their loss. And also focus on changing the law which is not in favour of Digital India.

Social Trade has been in the news for so many negative things, some of them areĀ 

  • Ponzi Scheme

  • MLM Marketing

  • Online Scam, etc

But what about the Supreme court being in favour of QNET’s business model?

People in India suffers a lot because Indians are growing but the law and orders are not growing. People think in the present mode of business making and law & orders suggests to run the business with the ideology of 90’s.

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