GDP Growth Scam – A Manipulation done Through Bookkeeping of Several Fake Companies

GDP Growth Scam

Economical firms have been used cunningly to show growth in the GDP figure. Yes, you read it right i.e. GDP Growth Scam – A Manipulation done with Several Fake Companies. It so happened for the first time that service sector companies were included in a survey by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). This survey collected data from the Corporate Ministry and it was conducted for a year and the findings are really shocking. Well, 15% of the companies were not to be found as in missing, 21% were found but were no more in operation. You would be shocked to know that by using 36% frugal companies, the GDP figure has been brightened by our government. What a shame! This move made only intends to fool the nation. And when the report was brought forward, it was deliberately suppressed.

You must be aware that the method of assessing the GDP was changed way back in 2015 and back then, the experts debated and raised questions. N Nagaraj expressed that in order to assess GDP, the bookkeeping of the companies obtained from the Corporate Ministry should be checked independently whether they are accurate or not. Even today, he demands the same that the data obtained should be researched thoroughly by experts to come closer to the truth about how our nation is developing.

As we see this is a big crime because it involves lying to the public about the increasing rate of GDP. PM Modi claims to shut down all those companies that are just on paper but the truth is these very paper companies are being used to show consistent growth in the rate of GDP. I am worried that our nation’s economy has crippled so badly that the GDP figures need to be cooked!

NSSO report raises fresh concerns on India’s growth figures

Major organizations that conducted surveys on the basis of the database were shut down. Two members from the National Statistical Council (NSC) resigned in protest because the report related to unemployment was suppressed. This report brought forward the highest rate of unemployment in the last 45 years and hence, was never published. Till today, these vacancies have not been filled. The Ministry of Labour and Employment that published regular information about unemployment was shut down though these figures had credibility worldwide. It was claimed that a new system would be brought in place well, guess what? It never happened.

Recently, Pramit Bhattacharya came up with a good report about decline in the statistical institution in Live Mint, an online portal about GDP Growth Scam – A Manipulation done with Several Fake Companies. Your head would be boggled to know that the Hindi newspapers are also manipulated. There you wouldn’t find such news about figures but only quotes from Modiji or Shah.

Even BJP supporters are fooled you know how? By providing them with wrong and false GDP figures and these supporters assume what flawless work Modiji is doing and that even though he uses low-level language for politics but his work is amazing in the economy. Through memes, supporters have started to believe that India has already become a superpower and this is all because of the lies coming from our government.

This must be the first case where the government lies even to its supporters not only about GDP Growth Scam But – A Manipulation done with Several Fake Companies. If the correct date is floated, the public will start questioning and that is just what Modiji doesn’t want. A lot of bluffs are being played on the table and it will only be a matter of time that the world will know and we would become a laughing stock to them because truth wins and comes forward, come what may!