Court Order for Social Trade Owner (Anubhav Mittal) from 18th March Hearing

Anubhav Mittal

Following the trial dates of hearing from the Lucknow District court, hearing for Anubhav Mittal’s case was scheduled for today i.e 18-March-2017 and the case was in the list at 43rd number in the ‘Hearing Category’. Case was to be heard by Justice Sri. Rajendra Singh who is District & Session Judge.

After the case the heard by the court, next hearing date has been given and Mittal has to be present in the court room for further trial.


Order for hearing trial in yet uncleared but then then as next hearing date is not so far, it could be guessed that court is taking it’s time for researching the case deeply before reaching to the judgement suddenly as this case involves huge amount of 37oo Crores and people are still in the hope to get their money back hence it could be one reason that court has been taking it’s time before reaching to the final decision.


For now, only the above order has been cleared and Edunia Team is making it’s efforts to get more updates soon.

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