Corona Virus Testing – 114 Nations Suffer

Trump tested negative from Coronavirus

Corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear in almost all the countries starting from the US to Europe. The government are closely monitoring their citizens to avoid the outbreak of this deadly disease.

Shutting borders, seaports and airports to prevent outsiders have become common. Many countries have banned people travelling from China to enter their land. Libya and Spain declared a health emergency. Italy reported 144 new deaths, taking the toll to 1,441.

US President Donald Trump has been tested negative for the Coronavirus. The US has also extended its travel bans to the UK and Ireland.

Credits: Business Insider

Key Developments

  • The number of cases of Coronavirus has crossed 152,000 worldwide.
  • The number of deaths has reached over 5,700.
  • China is most affected by this virus with 80,824 confirmed cases. The death toll there is 3,189.
  • US alone reported 9 new deaths and 520 new cases.
  • Prime Minister of France said that people are ignoring warnings.
  • Jakarta has closed its schools for 2 weeks.
  • Coronavirus cases in India climb to 93.
  • Many states have declared holidays for schools and colleges till 31st March.

President Donald Trump tested negative

Sean Conley, the White House doctor, in his statement, said that President Donald Trump has been tested negative for Coronavirus.

Trump was tested late Friday. The results were received on Saturday.

The President had dinner with delegations from Brazil. It was then that he decided to get himself tested. The results of the test were in good accord.

Prime Minister of Spain’s wife tested positive for Coronavirus

Begona Gomez, the wife of Prime Minister of Spain, has been tested positive for this deadly virus.

Pedro Sanchez has declared a state of emergency to fight this virus. He has significantly limited the mobility to counter the outbreak.

NYC Hospitals are making emergency plans

NYC Hospitals have started preparing themselves for a possible surge in cases of Coronavirus in the near future. The city has never dealt with anything like this before. Governments are trying hard to keep this outbreak under control.

Some prominent hospitals in New York have ended elective surgeries. This move is expected to be followed by other hospitals as well. Low-risk patients are diagnosed in parking lots. Hospitals are finally ramping up their abilities to deal with this deadly virus.

Credits: Deccan Herald

India closes schools and Colleges

India has been quite successful in limiting the outbreak of this virus, even after being in close proximity to China. India has reported only 93 cases so far.

Delhi schools and colleges will be closed till 31st March. Delhi Home Minister Manish Sisodia has asked the people to avoid public gatherings.

Chief Minister of Maharastra, Uddhav Thackery has said that schools, malls, colleges, gyms and swimming pools in major cities will be closed till 31st March.

This move is expected to be followed by other states as well.

Britain prepares for more cases

The government of Britain is in talk with private hospitals to release emergency beds if necessary. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, has asked the medical fraternity to arrange for more ventilators.


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