Is BJP holding majority in the Presidential election – Facts & Numbers


It should be noted that the term of the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee is ending by July 2017. Hence, there is an upcoming Presidential election to be held. Usually, the President of India is elected by the electoral college. The electoral college is a combination of elected members of both houses of Parliament, i.e., Lok Sabha (543) and Rajya Sabha (233) MPs, the elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies, i.e., MLAs of all the States as well as the Union Territories (4120 in total). Accordingly, the total number of votes available in the electoral college is 10,98,882 votes. To win the majority, about 50% of the total is needed, i.e., 5,49,442 votes.

How BJP can win a majority in Presidential election?

BJP has won the recent state elections in UP (325 seats), Uttarakhand (57 seats) and Manipur (21 seats). In total, BJP and its alliance are holding about 1574 legislators in their side, which is about 38%. The existing Lok Sabha seats are 336 out of 543, (62%) and the existing Rajya Sabha seats are 60 out of 233 (26%).

The power of BJP is very less with respect to Rajya Sabha. But, there are 58 Rajya Sabha members, who are set to retire in August 2018. This includes 10 seats in UP including the Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati. There are only 19 MLAs belonging to BSP now. Hence it would be very difficult for BSP to re-elect and achieve at least half of the seats. This can be an added advantage for BJP.

On the whole, the political experts have specified that BJP is only short of some 25,000 votes for claiming a majority in the Presidential elections. This can be easily achieved by them using their friendly parties like AIADMK from Tamil Nadu and Biju Janata Dal from Odisha.


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