Bhuvan Bam Threatened: Tweets Agaisnt JNU Attack

Bhuvan Bam, who is known for his Vines on the YouTube and is very famous among the youth of India has condemned the Attack that happened in the JNU premises on 5th January 2020. His words were;

He didn’t stop there, rather presented his own thoughts and being a democratic Indian citizen, He continued in his next tweet as there’s limitations of the characters on Twitter;

After these two Tweets, Bhuvan not only mentioned the threat he’s got in the past but also clears his stand for the Love of the Country;

Now as soon as the Tweets were live, Supporters of the JNU violence were in action to shut Bhuvan’s voice as they does to all others but never get successful. But Bhuvan showed them their position in very wise manner;

Previously, Bhuvan had taken his stand on different social agendas like Rapes, Made videos for Parents and if we talk about the doing something for the Country; He has even represented India in NBA.

When at one hand the “Bhakts” and trolls were trolling Bhuvan, at the other hand he was really appreciated for his part for the society.


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