Australia Bush Fire

The Bush fire in Australia is the topic of talk all around the world. These forest fires nearly killed 500 million local inhabitant faunas. It is not a good year starting for Australia. It is really sad to see these animals who survived these fires, begging water and food in thirst and hunger to human beings. Here is the full information about these forest fires in Australia.

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What happened?

In late December 2019, the fires started in New South Wales forest area. It is believed that each year there is a fire season where such events take place. The Australian summers are known for its hot and dry climatic conditions. Lighting strikes in drought-affected forests with trees with dry leaves are more prone to initiate forest fires.  Though forest fires are not new to Australia, yet this one shook the entire world. Humans can also be blamed. It is believed that few people did this act deliberately and police have strictly charged these 24 people. However, Australian media states that few arsonists have contributed to these deadly fires.

Where are its effects?

The major effect of this bush fire includes the forest areas of Australia. This initially started in New South Wales and got rapidly spread on to entire coastal cities of Australia. One could see the Australian borders with gold lining from space, portraying the intensity of these fires. It has destroyed the homes of thousands of people and burnt millions of floras in those regions. These fires, which have been burning across Australia for months, have destroyed homes and wiped out entire towns. It is believed that nearly 18 million acres of land have been burned, most of which are bush-lands, forests and national parks. These are home to the country’s beloved and unique flora and fauna.

Causalities due to bush-fire

Many humans were burnt in these forest fires and the count is still on. However, it is believed that these forest fires had a direct impact on rich and varied wildlife, like birds, reptiles, and various traditionally unique animals like Koala bears, and Kangaroos. According to the researchers and ecologists at the University of Sydney, it is believed that nearly half a billion animals had been burnt alive in these forest fires in New South Wales alone. It is a sad opening for Australians, as they are lovers of wildlife and pet animals.

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How it affected animals?

Some animals, like koalas, wombats, and kangaroos, are directly affected by the fires. However, some animals died due to flames or choking on smoke.  However, reptiles which were safe from fires by digging holes and burrows underground were also found dead due to lack of food and water. It is believed that nearly one-third of the Koala population has died in this forest fires and rest are injured severely. However, the chance of extinction is eliminated as they are spread out in Australia. Also, the doctors here are doing their duty to perfection to save the lives of remaining animals.

Change in the forest ecosystem and balance:

Forest is the home to all prominent endangered species. However, the burning of forests led many animals to escape the jungle and wander in the roads for food and water. It was a heart-breaking scene on the internet in the first week of New Year, in which a Koala begs for water to a cyclist who was passing by. Some animals and birds, whose prominent habitats are trees, may get diminished. The forest fires killed thousands flying foxes during their sleep in the branches of trees that got burnt. A unique variety of rat kangaroos known as potoroo has become a nearly extinct species now with no identity of them alive. If potoroos are extinct, some plant species might be unable to regenerate, which could then wipe out other species that feed on these vegetations. Thus it breaks the balance in the ecosystem and forest environment.

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Actions are taken for this disaster:

Hospitals, zoos, and social activists are spending the sleep-less night to save this wildlife and cure them to perfection. It is a great example of humanity at its best. People of Australia are doing their best to save these animals. However, lately, there is news of rainfall in Australia that gives something to smile for hosts.

However, activists and scientists say that after treatment where these animals would live, with all greeneries burnt down to ashes. Some researchers say that this era marks the beginning of the extinction of wildlife in Australia. Many natural calamities such as increased temperatures, moisture, and reduced rainfall are said to take place in aftermath. This is surely one of the heartbreaking disasters whose effects will be remembered even after its rehabilitation.

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