Arunabh Kumar, CEO of TVF digs his own grave on sexual allegations

TVF_Arunabh Kumar

The sexual allegations against Arunabh Kumar seem to be increasing day by day. About 50 women have come forward and shared their bitter experiences with Arunabh Kumar. But none gave an official complaint against Arunabh. Amidst this, Arunabh had recently given an interview to the Times Group, where he had stated that the allegations were baseless. He has also stated that when he finds a woman sexy, he will openly compliment the women “They are sexy“. Well, this comment did not go well with many of them and they shared their comments against Arunabh in their Twitter handle.

Excerpt from Times India
Source: Times India, Arunabh’s Interview

Following this, TVF had released an official statement regarding the sexual allegations. They have stated that the allegations are baseless and that TVF is the most women-friendly organization.

TVF Response
TVF Response

Following these allegations, a third party advocate Rizwan Siddiquee has filed a FIR against Arunabh on charges of sexual harassment. While being asked about it, Rizwan said that “The police were showing their helplessness, asking what they could do since the women alleging sexual harassment by Arunabh Kumar have not filed a police complaint so far. An FIR is not needed. The police can very well file the FIR. I decided to take the onus of filing a third-party complaint because the police cannot be allowed to shun their responsibility by saying that no one complained. They have to conduct a probe.”

FIR Copy
FIR Copy

Apart from this, Human Rights activists have also filed a complaint against Arunabh Kumar with the State Women Commission. The activist said “The Women’s Commission had asked the concerned women to come forward and file complaints. My complaint to the Commission was to remind them that they can take up the matter suo moto because the allegations are in the public domain.”


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