Anubhav Mittal’s Fate to be Decided Tomorrow


Anubhav Mittal’s case was handed over to the┬áDirectorate of Enforcement, Lucknow. READ THE FULL STORY.

We came to know, while remaining in the custody of ED, Anubhav Mittal has admitted some of the allegations which he was accused of, all of the allegations are not yet clear but one of them is having a personal relationship with the managers of different banks. He admitted that the managers of different banks helped him to manage the money in his bank accounts which could not be a legal issue for Mittal. It was found that Managers who were regularly in touch with Mittal was given the handsome price in order to maintain Mittal’s account and make it issue free. When Mittal got an idea of having police and other legal departments involved in order to get Social Trade exposed, he then called up all the manager of the Banks who used to work for him and he asked them to manage the account in such a way which could not be tracked by the police and also gave extra money to the managers for doing this task.

Anubhav Mittal

He admitted the fact of getting involved in Money laundering and also admitted that managers at different Banks were also involved. Name of the Managers and the Bank is not yet revealed but Yes Bank Manager Atul Kumar Mishra is already in the police custody at Gautam Budh Nagar his bail application has also been rejected by the court. READ THE FULL STORY HERE.

It’s not sure what result would be obtained by the hearing tomorrow but it’s almost sure that Anubhav Mittal is involved in something which was not legal and ED team at Lucknow won’t leave any chance for proving that point.

The two suspects Atul Kr. Mishra, Manager of Yes Bank and Mahesh Dayal, CEO of Technical Dept. Social Trade, who are the associated with this case are already in the custody and bail application has also been rejected for both of them and now the question is what would be the result of the hearing tomorrow?

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