Anubhav Mittal’s Criminal Revision Case Continues and gets Another Hearing Date

Anubhav Mittal 17 May

From the last hearing of Criminal Revision case which was filed by Anubhav Mittal in order to prove the allegations on him wrong and appeal for the re-consideration of the charges that he is accused of, next hearing date was announced for 17th May 2017. Read full story here.

Hearing scheduled on 17th May did take place and Mittal showed many proofs about his works and the legal documents that has to prove him not guilty but court didn’t find that data sufficient and hence the court announced to hear more plea and see more of the evidences in order to see the criminal revision case worthy hence, next hearing date has been announced for the case and that is to be held on 22 May 2017.

Anubhav Mittal 17 May

It is also found that ED team has still been looking to dig in to this case at Lucknow court and they have been trying to follow the case in order to find the proof to prove the allegations right on Mittal. Click Here for Full Story.

Now, it seems, this case has suddenly got many attentions for the legal authorities and this could be another turning point for the case if anyone comes up with the final order from the court.

Let’s Wait & Watch.


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